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Degree Requirements

Fall Semester (Sept-Dec)*

  • MSM 6302 Organizational Behavior (Sat) – 3 hours
  • MSM 6300 Ethics for Business and Management (Sat) – 3 hours
  • MSM 6303 Legal Dimensions of Business (ONL) – 3 hours

Spring Semester (Jan-May)

  • MSM 6304 Marketing Management (Sat) – 3 hours
  • MSM 6305 Quantitative Analysis (Sat) – 3 hours
  • MSM 6306 Personnel/HR Management (ONL) – 3 hours

Summer Semester (May-Aug)*

  • MSM 6309 Financial Management (Sat) – 3 hours
  • MSM 6308 Business Policy and Strategy (Sat) – 3 hours
  • MSM 6317 Management Information Systems (ONL) – 3 hours
  • MSM 6307 Employment Law for Management (ONL) – 3 hours

New Students can enroll in Fall and Spring only.


Spring start sequencing is 3+4+3.

Contact the Graduate Enrollment Office for questions about sequencing.

*Students will also complete a Comprehensive Examination in the third semester of the program. For Fall-start groups, this will be in the summer semester. For Spring-start groups, this will be in the fall semester.

The model above assumes that all courses are attempted and successfully completed in the order stated. Faulkner University reserves the right to change curriculum and/or courses as it deems necessary.