Master of Science in Management

A Message from the Dean

Dave KhadangaThe specially designed Master of Science in Management degree at Faulkner University offers excellent preparation for management within a highly effective timetable. Our curriculum provides a strategic management perspective, applies leading-edge management theory to real-world problems and issues, and addresses ethical issues vital to today’s business infrastructure. It focuses on team work and the empowerment process by providing a dynamic forum for new ideas and broadened perspectives. Qualified individuals willing to accept an academic and knowledge building challenge will find this program to be one of their best lifetime investments.

Dr. Dave Khadanga (Dean, Harris College of Business & Executive Education)

Program Introduction

Faulkner University offers, in an executive format, an accelerated graduate business and management degree program for professionals who intend to expand their career horizons. The M.S.M. is a graduate business program designed to establish, create, promote, and enhance careers that revolve around various business areas.  Focus is placed on career development and enhancement with a curriculum that incorporates a managerial perspective with a futuristic approach to facilitate success in today’s business world.

Furthermore, the M.S.M. distinguishes itself with its innovative structuring, curriculum, and scheduling, enabling ad, current and potential executives, managers, supervisors and other professionals to earn an accredited Master’s degree in one year.  The University, in this program, seeks to preserve the relationship between an executive-oriented educational experience and the dynamics of Christian belief through the inclusion of business ethics in the curriculum.

Six courses are offered in a combination of classroom and online environments. Classroom lectures are conducted on designated Saturdays with additional online activities required throughout the course. Four courses are offered in an entirely online format that requires regular student participation. Instruction, tests, case studies, assignments, and other specific requirements are accomplished primarily through individual effort; however, several activities involve group interaction and threaded discussions. Online courses and components are implemented through Blackboard. At the beginning of the first semester, the M.S.M. Department conducts a mandatory training and orientation session that covers concepts and pointers vital to success in the program, including access and navigation of the Blackboard platform.

Program Design & Structure

  • Planned completion within one calendar year.
  • Three semesters of three or four courses for a total of ten courses.
    • One or two of those courses will be online each semester.
    • The remaining courses meet on specified Saturdays (six per semester); Session 1: 9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.; Session 2: 1:00 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. These classes will also have an online component through the Blackboard platform.
  • Students enter the program in the Fall or Spring semester only. Please refer to the M.S.M. Degree Requirements for course sequencing.

Effective Fall 2018: Fully Online M.S.M.

Beginning in Fall 2018, students will be able to earn the Master of Science in Management degree entirely online. Completion will still be possible within one year, and there will be multiple entry points from September to June. The program will be fast-paced and concise in its presentation, with newly designed, fully online courses that are engaging and challenging. For more information, please contact the Graduate Enrollment office.

Career Objectives

The M.S.M. is designed to enhance graduates’ knowledge and skills in management functions and prepare them for employment and advancement in a wide range of positions requiring graduate-level business education. The program trains professionals to use quantitative reasoning, strategic thinking, and an understanding of organizational behavior in managerial decision making.

Required Courses

  • MSM 6300 Ethics for Business and Management
  • MSM 6302 Organizational Behavior
  • MSM 6303 Legal Dimensions of Business
  • MSM 6304 Marketing Management
  • MSM 6305 Quantitative Analysis
  • MSM 6306 Personnel/HR Management
  • MSM 6307 Employment Law for Management
  • MSM 6308 Business Policy and Strategy
  • MSM 6309 Financial Management
  • MSM 6317 Management Information Systems