Mission, Vision, Outcomes – MSLP

A Faulkner Speech Language Pathology student aiding an infant

Department Mission

The mission of Faulkner University’s Department of Speech Language Pathology is to prepare students, through excellence in instruction, research, and clinical practice, to be leading speech-language pathologists who glorify God by serving others.

Department Vision

The Faulkner University Department of Speech Language Pathology will earn the reputation of a leading contributor to the field of speech language pathology by graduating outstanding speech-language pathologists, developing distinguished faculty members, generating relevant research, and serving the local community with excellent therapy services.

MA/MS Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of typical and disordered human communication and swallowing processes.
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills regarding the prevention, assessment, and treatment of people with communication and swallowing disorders.
  3. Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in research methods, statics, and the integration of research principles into evidence-based practice.
  4. Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in professional ethical conduct, contemporary issues, regulations/policies, and collaboration.
  5. Students will use their knowledge and skills to reach out to the local and global community to be the hands and feet of Christ.

To request a copy of the MS SLP Program Strategic Plan, email lfullman@faulkner.edu.