Policy for Determination of Satisfactory Academic Progress


Hours Attempted Cumulative GPA Pace
0-29 1.5 55%
30-59 1.75 60%
60 –> 2.00 67%

1) Each student’s academic record will be reviewed at the end of each semester. At the time of review, the student must meet the standard in the table above that matches his/her total hours attempted.

2) The cumulative GPA used for the purpose of this policy will be the Faulkner GPA as recorded on the student’s transcript in Regent.

3) Pace is determined by dividing total hours earned by total hours attempted.

4) Hours earned will include all hours recorded in Regent as earned, including transfer credits.

5) Attempted hours will include all hours appearing on the student’s record in Regent as attempted, including transfer credits. This includes all letter grades, W’s, I’s, NC’s and any other course for which the student was charged and began attendance, regardless of whether the student received any financial aid for such courses.

6) A student enrolled in an undergraduate program will not be allowed to attempt more than 150% of the published length of the program measured by the credit hours required for that program.

7) A student who fails to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) may be placed on Financial Aid Warning for their next term of enrollment. During that term the student will still receive all of the Financial Aid for which they would otherwise be eligible.

8) After one term in Financial Aid Warning status, the student must be meeting SAP to continue to receive aid. Students who fail to meet SAP at the conclusion of one term of Financial Aid Warning will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension. Students on Financial Aid Suspension are ineligible for any Federal Title IV aid, including student loans, as well as the Alabama State Grant.

9) Students suspended from receiving Financial Aid may have their aid restored for future terms if they are found to be meeting SAP requirements after any term that follows their suspension.

10) Students may appeal their suspension status by completing the Financial Aid Suspension Appeal form and sending it, along with appropriate documentation, to the Director of Financial Aid.

11) If a suspension appeal is granted, the student may be placed on Financial Aid Probation for one term. During that term the student will receive all of the Financial Aid for which they are eligible. At the option of the University, the student whose suspension appeal is granted may be placed on an academic plan of one or more semesters. Such a plan would include specific targets for GPA and Pace that must be met at the conclusion of each semester in order to receive aid.

Revised 10/15/2013