Federal Work Study Policies and Procedures

Student Eligibility

The following criteria establish a student’s eligibility for Federal Work Study at Faulkner University:

  • A student must show documented financial need every year by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • A student must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
  • A student must be awarded Federal Work Study as part of his/her Financial Aid package.
  • Once the Financial Aid package is complete and eligibility determined, the FWS application will be given to the FWS Coordinator.
  • Those wishing to return to their FWS are required to complete their FAFSA by March 15th and all remaining Financial Aid file paperwork by May 1st.
  • A student must be enrolled full-time in the upcoming year.
  • A student is allotted a specific amount of FWS as listed on his/her Financial Aid Award Letter. A student may earn no more than one-half of the total academic year award during the fall semester. The remaining award is earned during the spring semester.

Obtaining Employment

  • Federal Work Study (FWS) is awarded to students on a first come first serve basis to those who have completed their Financial Aid file.
  • The Coordinator will then email the student with a position and the appropriate personnel paperwork to take to the Human Resources office. Included in this packet are the documentation requirements for the I-9 form. The student should take their completed personnel paperwork to the HR office along with their approved IDs. Once the Human Resource office has completed section 2 of the I-9 using the approved IDs and the E-verify process, the student and supervisor will be notified that he/she is approved to begin working. (Form I-9 List of Acceptable Documents)
  • FWS assignments are made for the nine month academic year.

Getting Paid

  • A student will be paid on hourly wage. A time sheet is to be filled in during the month and turned into the supervisor. The supervisor will verify the number of hours worked and send it to the FWS Coordinator on the last working day of each month.
  • A student will be able to pick up their check on the 10th of the next month, at the Student Accounts Office (Room 100) in the Rotunda. (Direct Deposit is strongly encouraged.)
  • A student may work up to 12 hours a week. A student may not go over his/her allotment of work study money award per semester.
  • If a student would like to put that pay check toward his/her outstanding balance, he/she would do this at the Student Accounts office.
  • A student will be paid for the hours worked. Students will not be paid for sick leave, holidays, overtime or vacation days.

Job Performance

  • A student is expected to notify their supervisor, preferably at least one hour before, missing a day of work.
  • A student, who is missing work without notifying his /her supervisor or behaving inappropriately at work, will be counseled with one time. If the behavior continues the student may be terminated from his/her job.
  • The supervisor will do an evaluation at the end of the spring semester. If a student has a poor evaluation, he/she will be counseled. If a student has a second poor evaluation, he/she is no longer eligible for work study.
  • Students are expected to dress appropriately for the type of FWS position they have been assigned.

Policy on Job Assignments

Students will be placed in the Federal Work Study Program based upon eligibility and job openings. Supervisors will evaluate each work study student at the end of the year or upon termination. If a student receives an unsatisfactory evaluation he/she will be counseled. Following a second unsatisfactory evaluation, the student is no longer eligible to be placed in a work study position. Students who are place on a Financial Aid Plan will not be eligible for work study.