Laptop Policy

Checking Out Library Laptops

Nichols Library welcomes students, faculty, staff, and the public to use its facility to further their knowledge, education, and research. The primary purpose of the circulating laptops is to obtain information. All users of Nichols Library assume responsibility for using all library computers in an ethical and legal manner in accordance with University policies and state and federal laws.

The laptops are provided primarily for library-related activities: library catalog access, databases, websites, etc. The laptops may also be used for research and to write papers. Following are some guidelines for use of the circulating laptops available at Nichols Library.

Eligible Borrowers

  1. Only current students, faculty and staff may check out laptops.
  2. Each borrower must fill out a Laptop Liability Form each academic year
  3. Patrons with library holds or suspended library privileges (overdue fines, lost or damaged materials, etc.) MAY NOT borrow laptops until their library account is cleared of ALL charges.

Borrowing Guidelines

  1. Laptops MAY NOT be removed from the library.
  2. The patron must have a valid University ID (with a visible picture). Library staff reserves the right to verify the user as a current student, faculty or staff member.
  3. University ID will be left at the circulation desk while the patron has the laptop checked out.
  4. There is a two (2) hour time limit on laptop use. Fines will begin to accrue if laptops are kept longer than the allotted time. (See fines and fees for more information.)

Return Procedures

  1. Laptops are due back at the desk after two (2) hours or 30 minutes before close, whichever comes first.
  2. Laptops must be returned to a member of the library staff. If a patron leaves a laptop unattended they will still be responsible for any and all fines that may be incurred due to exceeding the time limit, damage or loss.
  3. The laptop will be checked for damage before returning the patron’s University ID.
  4. If damage has occurred, charges will be assessed accordingly.


Overdue fine (per hour) $10.00

Replacement Costs:

Computer $300.00

AC Adapter $50.00

Power Cord $25.00

External Mouse $20.00

Battery $50.00


Processing Fee $10.00

Late fines are $10.00 per hour. The maximum fine is $240.00. There is no grace period. Any laptop that is 24 hours overdue will be declared lost and a total charge will be determined by the replacement costs and processing fees listed above and will be billed to the patron’s account. If the laptop is returned in good condition, the $2,500.00 lost charge may be forgiven. The fines and processing fee will not be forgiven. (Replacement costs price list may be updated periodically and without notice.)