Journal of Faith and the Academy


For several years, Journal of Faith and the Academy, an academic journal, has been an integral part to The Institute of Faith and the Academy on the Faulkner University campus. As one of the few scholarly journals published by the churches of Christ, Journal of Faith and the Academy is a unique way for professionals to research and reflect on ways to integrate faith and teaching in the classroom.

The idea for the journal was developed by the faculty members who started The Institute of Faith and Academy to “serve as the center for investigation and demonstration for the Christian faith as the foundation of learning.” Along with publishing the academic journal, the Institute has been able to accomplish many things for Faulkner’s campus including a bibliography for Christian scholarly writing and the formation of a subcommittee, Excellence in Teaching.

It is the goal of the Institute to help faculty members seek creative ways of demonstrating the permeating relationship of faith to all the academic disciplines of study, and the Faith and the Academy journal allows the Institute to do so effectively.


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