Quality Enhancement and Educational Assessment [QEEA]

Services provided by CAREE Quality Enhancement and Educational Assessment (QEEA)

  • QEEA Resources –  Important links to information, tools and advice for the Quality Enhancement Plan are provided.  Links to CampusLabs applications are also available for easy access.
  • The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) – A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) focuses on a specific topic with a goal of continuous improvement and enhanced student learning within the institution.  The plan involves campus-wide participation from inception to implementation and evaluation.  Faulkner University’s Quality Enhancement Plan targets spiritual formation.
  • Service Learning – The opportunity for service learning contributes to the QEP by providing teachable service-related moments where students apply what they learn from their university experiences to helping others in need.
  • Educational Assessment – The university’s core curriculum undergoes continuous review via multiple assessment mechanisms such as the university curriculum committee, academic departmental review and evaluation of course quality as determined by the Quality Matters™ rubrics when core courses are offered online.