IARE Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness initiatives cross university boundaries with a goal of overall campus improvement. CampusLabs links (login required) are also available for data collection and analysis that support institution-wide initiatives.

Ongoing Initiatives

Recruitment Task Force

Primary Contact: Keith Mock

Mission (suggested mission, pending adoption): To help the University significantly and consistently enhance recruitment efforts of prospective students.  This mission will be met by evaluating admissions criteria and practices, developing more effective recruitment strategies for supporting the prospective student during the application and initial enrollment process, analyzing existing student demographics to guide future advertising strategies, investigate existing student sub-populations to identify potential markets; strengthening the alignment between current and established student markets (e.g., Church of Christ high school aged students); and, improving prospective student support services upon enrollment.

Retention Task Force

Primary Contact: Aleshia Sokoloski

Mission: To help the University significantly and consistently increase the persistence and graduation rates of our students. This mission will be met by assessing our admissions standards and institutional commitment for serving remedial students, and developing more effective intervention strategies for supporting these students; strengthening the alignment between the University’s behavioral expectations and the developmental needs of our student body; strengthening the alignment between the University’s Christian ethos and the spiritual needs of our student body; evaluating retention by sub-populations and implementing customized strategies; and, improving student support resources.

General Education Core Committee

Mission: The mission of the General Education Core Committee is to articulate the mission and goals for the General Education program and the University core requirements and review these on a bi-annual basis.  The committee will make recommendations to the Curriculum Committee regarding the core curriculum and student learning objectives and oversee the assessment of the General Education Program and the university’s core requirements.

Quality Enhancement Advisory Board

Mission: The mission of the Quality Enhancement Advisory Board is to provide ongoing support and leadership to the QEP office by assisting in the implementation and assessment of the QEP, helping the office of Service Learning recognize community needs, and assisting in providing service learning opportunities and internships for students.

University Strategic Plan Review

Primary Contact: Jean-Noel Thompson