IARE Assessment

Institutional Assessment provides support to university academic and non-academic programs as they strive for continuous improvement via programmatic assessment. Training materials related to academic and non-academic program assessment are available.  Also available are links to CampusLabs products (login required): Compliance Assist to view programmatic assessment records, Beacon for faculty course evaluations access; and, Baseline to develop and launch a survey or rubric for data collection. Finally, a survey link to evaluate CAREE IARE services is also provided.

Training and Informational Materials

  • Assessment Record Entry and Editing in Campus Labs Compliance Assist
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy of Action Verbs
  • Developing Outcomes for Non-Academic Units
  • Faculty Professional Development Form (for course evaluation response, professional activities; and, community/church service)
  • Faculty Professional Development Policy and Procedures
  • Faculty Profile Date Entry and Editing into Campus Labs Compliance Assist (for academic secretaries)
  • Programmatic Assessment: Faulkner Recommendations
  • Tips for Programmatic Assessment: Think, Feel, Know or Do
  • Uploading Documents to Compliance Assist Gallery (for academic secretaries)

Forms and Surveys

(log in with Faulkner email username and password upon request)