Institutional Assessment, Research and Effectiveness (IARE)

Services provided by CAREE Institutional Assessment, Research and Effectiveness (IARE).

IARE Resources are available to assist the university community with assessment, research and effectiveness’ activities. Quick access to all training materials and PowerPoint presentations, a data request form, a survey link to evaluate CAREE IARE services, and access to CampusLabs (login required) for course evaluation, program assessment records, or survey/rubric development and launch is provided.

Institutional Assessment provides support to university academic and non-academic programs as they strive for continuous improvement via programmatic assessment. Training materials related to academic and non-academic program assessment are available.  Also available are links to CampusLabs products (login required): Compliance Assist to view programmatic assessment records, Beacon for faculty course evaluations access; and, Baseline to develop and launch a survey or rubric for data collection. Finally, a survey link to evaluate CAREE IARE services is also provided.

Institutional Research focuses on tracking and providing data needed for decision making and external reporting (e.g., enrollment and graduation rates).  Training materials specific to institutional research are available, including access to external resources such as the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) student profile database.  A description of data services is offered along with a data request form.  A survey link to evaluate CAREE IARE services is also provided.

Institutional Effectiveness initiatives cross university boundaries with a goal of overall campus improvement (e.g., Retention Task Force).  Links to information about ongoing initiatives are provided along with contact information for each initiative.  A link to CampusLabs Baseline (login required) for survey or rubric development and launch is also available to assist with data collection for each initiative.

The University Testing Center  is located on the second floor of Gus Nichols Library and offers testing services for CLEP, DSST/DANTES, ETS Major Field Tests, ETS Proficiency Profiles, and the MAT exam; tests are offered by appointment.  Information about each test and steps for scheduling a testing appointment are provided.  A survey link to evaluate CAREE IARE services is also provided.