Policies and Procedures

ACE Services: All services are free of charge to Faulkner University students. Students should bring their iPad/iPhone to scan QR code.

Making Appointments: Appointments can be made in advance by signing-up at https://www.faulkner.edu/acelogin. Students can also call the center at 334-386-7294 or email ace@faulkner.edu. Walk-ins are unlimited, but dependent on tutor availability and appropriateness.

Session Length: Tutoring sessions are scheduled in 30 minute increments. Students may sign up for two (2) thirty-minute sessions per week.

Preparing for Appointments: Students are expected to arrive to the session on time with all materials necessary for the session (assignment instructions, pencil, etc).

Tutoring: ACE tutors are trained to guide students through the process of learning. Please note that tutors will never complete an assignment for a student. Instead, they will provide assistance by answering questions, asking questions, explaining concepts, and providing resources for a given topic. Students should expect each tutoring session to be an active, ongoing conversation with the tutor. This type of session will better enable students to become capable, independent learners.

Additional Time: The 30 minute session may be exceeded only if 1) the next session is available and 2) the tutor thinks an extension of time would be profitable. Otherwise, the student may sign up for another session at a later time.

Missed Appointments: Each time a student fails to report for a session, the student’s tutor will mark him/her as a “no show”. After the third no-show, the student will be blocked from the scheduling system. Students can still walk-in anytime and work with a tutor if one is available, but they will not be able to reserve a time in advance. To unblock an account and regain access to appointments, the student will need to meet with the ACE director.