ACE Staff

Amber Traw

Amber Traw (Director)

Mrs. Traw has earned degrees in both English and Education and currently serves as an Instructor of English and the Director of the ACE. She loves teaching students about the power of language and training tutors to encourage and support their peers. Outside of work, Mrs. Traw loves spending quality time with her family, reading books, visiting the theater, traveling to new places, trying new things, and meeting new people.

Daniel Mease

Daniel Mease (Associate Director) 

Mr. Mease, Associate Director of the ACE, holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and is currently working on his Master’s in Mathematics. He loves to help students work on math because he believes that everyone can come to understand it. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with friends and family and play video games.


Aisha Anderson

Aisha is a senior biochemistry major at Faulkner. She is the founding president of Faulkner’s Science Association and currently serves as treasurer. Knowledge, whether learning a new language or learning about a new species, has always been a passion of hers. She loves to read books, watch movies, cook and bake foods, and eat out at her favorite restaurants. She is happy to work in the ACE because she loves to teach and can’t wait to share the knowledge she has gained with others.


Danni Connelly

Danni is in her junior year at Faulkner and is a member of the Great Books Honors College. She is majoring in English and hopes to eventually earn a graduate degree in Education. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing fiction, playing a number of different instruments, and spending time with her seven younger siblings and their dog, Binz. She enjoys working in the ACE because she loves helping others achieve academic success!


Katelyn Lape

Katelyn is an English major at Faulkner University. She enjoys writing creatively, reading, hiking, and camping. She is from North Little Rock, Arkansas where she has two cats, Kitty and Ellie. Katelyn loves working at the Academic Center for Excellence because the ACE pushes students to thrive and she is grateful to be a part of that.


Cassie McWhirt

Cassie McWhirt is a sophomore at Faulkner. Her major is Health and Rehabilitation Psychology with an emphasis in Pre-Occupational and Pre-Physical Therapy. She is the secretary of Chi Omicron Chi social club and the Vice President of the Psychology Club. She enjoys using her knowledge and skills to benefit others. She loves working in the ACE because she is able to help her peers gain confidence in their studies and reach their full potential.


Whitney Pace

Whitney is a sophomore at Faulkner and is majoring in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology. She is a member of Delta Xi Omega, the University Campus Ministry, and the Great Books Honors College. After graduating, she plans to attend graduate school and get her Master’s in Speech Language Pathology. When not studying, she loves to spend time with friends, watch movies, and travel. She first discovered her passion for writing here at Faulkner and is eager to help other students become the best writers possible!


Peter Parkitny

Peter is a senior Accounting major from Poland. He is also a 6’10 student athlete on the basketball team. He enjoys all types of travel and adventure. Peter also enjoys working in the ACE because he loves helping other people however he can.


Jordan Reynolds

Jordan is a junior at Faulkner and is a Biology Pre-Med major. He is also a student athlete on the golf team. Some of his hobbies include playing the piano/guitar, exercising, and genuinely getting to know people. He likes to tutor because he understands that not everyone enjoys academics and certain subjects can be hard to understand. He wants to be a friendly face that can help any student do their best work.

 Gracie Roper

Gracie is a junior at Faulkner and is pursuing a degree in English. She is also part of the Great Books Honors College. In her spare time, she enjoys watching crime shows and drinking coffee. She loves working in the ACE where she can help her peers excel in their studies and in life!

 Marie Root

Marie Root

Mrs. Root is a former Mathematics instructor for Faulkner University and currently serves as a part time math tutor for the ACE. Helping others with math has always been a passion of hers. In her spare time, she loves to make crafts and spend time with her family.


Dyani Thompson

Dyani is a senior Business Administration major at Faulkner. She is also on the Lady Eagles Basketball team. In her spare time, she enjoys being creative and producing various types of artwork. She loves working in the ACE because she is able to help herself and others do well in their courses.


Zachery Tomlin

Zachery is a junior Mathematics major at Faulkner. He is also part of the Great Books Honors College.  Reading, cats, and computers are a few of his favorite things. He enjoys working in the ACE because he is able to help others understand and enjoy math.