Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry Degree in Montgomery, Alabama

Biochemistry student uses microscope

Biochemistry explores biological systems through the lens of chemical molecular analysis. Studying biochemistry opens the door to a bright future not just in scientific fields but also in healthcare, agriculture, forensics, pharmaceuticals, and more. At Faulkner University, our Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree program provides a comprehensive education with strong foundations in scientific concepts, as well as cultural literacy, communication, and the fundamentals of our Christian faith. Learn more about the biochemistry major and how it can prepare you for a promising career.

About the Curriculum

Comprising a minimum of 123 credit hours, the B.S. in Biochemistry degree combines classroom learning, laboratory exploration, and real-world experience to prepare students for the rigors of professional life. Coursework includes:

Core Curriculum (51 hours)

  • Christian Literacy: 18 hours
    • Biblical Worldview I: 3 hours
    • Biblical Worldview II: 3 hours
    • Understanding Biblical Literature: 3 hours
    • Christian Ethics: 3 hours
    • Marriage and Family: 3 hours
    • Christian Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
  • Cultural Heritage Legacy: 9 hours
    • Western Tradition I: 3 hours
    • Western Tradition II: 3 hours
    • American Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
  • Mathematical and Scientific Literacy: 7 hours
    • Calculus: 3 hours
    • Principles of Biology I or higher with an accompanying lab: 4 hours
  • Information and Communication Literacy: 9 hours
    • English Composition I: 3 hours
    • English Composition II: 3 hours
    • Survey of English Literature I, Survey of American Literature I, or Survey of American Literature II: 3 hours
  • Personal and Social Literacy: 7 hours
    • Lifetime Fitness: 3 hours
    • Faulkner Foundations or Faulkner Foundations – Transfer: 1 hour
    • Social Science (Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, or another approved course): 3 hours

Professional Literacy (63 hours)

  • Discipline Required Courses: 40 hours
    • General Chemistry I/Lab: 4 hours
    • General Chemistry II/Lab: 4 hours
    • Organic Chemistry I/Lab: 4 hours
    • Organic Chemistry II/Lab: 4 hours
    • Chemical Literature, Research, and Seminar: 3 hours
    • Analytical Chemistry I/Lab: 4 hours
    • Advanced Topics in Biochemistry: 3 hours
    • Biochemistry I/Lab: 4 hours
    • Biochemistry II/Lab: 4 hours
    • Chemistry Internship: 3 hours
    • Chemistry Research: 3 hours
  • Departmental Requirements: 23 hours
    • Statistics: 3 hours
    • University Physics I/Lab: 4 hours
    • University Physics II/Lab: 4 hours
    • Principles of Biology II/Lab: 4 hours
    • Genetics/Lab: 4 hours
    • Cell Biology/Lab: 4 hours

General Electives (9 hours)

  • See your advisor for more information

Studying at Faulkner University

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Earn Your Biochemistry Degree at Faulkner University

Whether you envision a future in biotech, environmental science, or research, the B.S. in Biochemistry at Faulkner University is the first step in your success. If you’d like to major in biochemistry at a dynamic institution that’s aligned with your personal and professional goals, request more information and apply online today.