Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies: Youth & Family Ministry in Alabama

Youth minister leading group

If you’re ready to pursue a college education and interested in a youth ministry degree, consider Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama. Our Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies: Youth & Family Ministry is designed to prepare our students for a rewarding future. The program is offered through our V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies and provides a Christ-centered curriculum that equips graduates with the knowledge and relational skills required to effectively meet the needs of today’s church families.

A Look at the Curriculum

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies: Youth & Family Ministry degree track features a core curriculum consisting of 44 hours as well as a professional literacy curriculum spanning 57 hours. Courses are broken down as follows:

Core Curriculum

  • Christian Literacy: 12 hours
    • Life of Christ: 3 hours
    • Book of Acts: 3 hours
    • Pentateuch: 3 hours
    • Marriage and Family Relations: 3 hours
  • Cultural Heritage Literacy: 9 hours
    • Western Tradition 1: 3 hours
    • Western Tradition 2: 3 hours
    • American Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
  • Mathematical and Scientific Literacy: 7 hours
    • Finite Mathematics or higher: 3 hours
    • One of the following pairs:
      • Perspectives of Biology with lab: 4 hours
      • Man and His Environment with lab: 4 hours
      • Chemistry and Society with lab: 4 hours
    • Information and Communication Literacy: 9 hours
      • English Composition 1: 3 hours
      • English Composition 2: 3 hours
      • EH 2301, 2303, or 2304: 3 hours
    • Personal and Social Literacy: 7 hours
      • Lifetime Fitness: 3 hours
      • Faulkner Foundations: 1 hour
      • Introduction to Psychology: 3 hours

Professional Literacy

  • Departmental Requirements: 24 hours
    • Orientation to Biblical Studies: 3 hours
    • Biblical Interpretation: 3 hours
    • Survey of Church History: 3 hours
    • Preparing and Delivering Bible Lessons: 3 hours
    • Practical Evangelism and Missions: 3 hours
    • The Restoration Movement in America: 3 hours
    • Critical Issues of the Bible: 3 hours
    • Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry: 3 hours
  • Discipline-Required Courses: 33 hours
    • Introduction to Counseling Theories: 3 hours
    • Parent-Child Relationships: 3 hours
    • Human Sexuality: 3 hours
    • Youth and Family Ministry in the Local Church: 3 hours
    • Church Work Practicum: 3 hours
  • Biblical or Foreign Language: 6 hours
    • Elementary New Testament Greek
    • Elementary Biblical Hebrew
    • Spanish I and II
  • Textual Electives: 12 hours

Students are also expected to complete 21 hours of free electives, which can expose them to important concepts that intertwine with their interests. To graduate, students must complete a total of 122 credit hours.

Please note: All incoming freshmen must complete FAF 1111. Students transferring more than 12 semester hours will take FAF 2111 in place of FAF 1111. Further, 42 hours of upper-level credits are required for graduation, and textual hours must also be taken from upper-level courses.

Why Choose Faulkner University’s Youth Ministry Degree?

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies: Youth & Family Ministry from Faulkner University is among the most respected youth ministry degrees available. Our distinguished faculty guides each student along their journey toward becoming a youth minister, family counselor, or one of many other potential careers centered in Christian values. We’re also proud to offer an enriching student life consisting of extracurricular activities, social opportunities, and much more.

For more information, contact us today in Montgomery, Alabama. Or, if you’re ready to get started, apply online now.