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At Faulkner University, we’re proud to foster the growth of the next generation of teachers through our Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree program. Upon completion of the program, graduates will meet the state of Alabama’s requirements for Highly Qualified Teaching status and be certified in Elementary Education (K-6). Learn what to expect as an elementary education major from our College of Education.

About the Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education spans three primary components across its curriculum, including general studies, professional education, and subject-area courses. Led by our experienced faculty, the degree program consists of 127 required hours and is designed as follows:

Core Curriculum (64 hours)

  • Christian Literacy: 15 hours
    • Biblical Worldview I: 3 hours
    • Biblical Worldview II: 3 hours
    • Christian Ethics: 3 hours
    • Christian Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
    • Marriage and Family: 3 hours
  • Social Studies: 12 hours
    • Western Tradition I: 3 hours
    • Western Tradition II: 3 hours
    • Developmental Psychology: 3 hours
    • American Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
  • Information and Communication Literacy: 12 hours
    • English Composition I: 3 hours
    • English Composition II: 3 hours
    • Literature elective: 3 hours
    • Understanding Biblical Literature: 3 hours
  • Mathematical and Scientific Literacy: 24 hours
    • Pre-Calculus Algebra (or higher): 3 hours
    • Elementary Math I: 3 hours
    • Elementary Math II: 3 hours
    • Math elective*: 3 hours
    • Principles of Physical Science I: 3 hours
    • Principles of Physical Science I Lab: 1 hour
    • Principles of Physical Science II: 3 hours
    • Principles of Physical Science II Lab: 1 hour
    • One of the following Natural Science courses:
      • Perspectives in Biology and Perspectives in Biology Lab: 4 hours
      • Advisor-approved Science course with lab: 4 hours
    • Personal and Social Literacy: 1 hour
      • One of the following:
        • Faulkner Foundations: 1 hour
        • Faulkner Foundations (transfer)**: 1 hour

*The math elective should be Calculus or Statistics 3.

**All incoming freshmen must complete a Faulkner Foundations course. Those transferring more than 12 semester hours will take FAF 2111 instead of FAF 1111.

Professional Literacy in Elementary Education (63 Hours)

  • Introduction to Education: 0 hours
  • Foundations of Education: 3 hours
  • Technology in the Classroom: 3 hours
  • Language and Literacy I: 3 hours
  • Health Education: 3 hours
  • Language Arts Methods: 3 hours
  • Physical Education for Children: 3 hours
  • Fine Arts in the Classroom: 3 hours
  • Social Studies Methods: 3 hours
  • The Exceptional Learner: 3 hours
  • Language and Literacy II: 3 hours
  • Assessment in Education: 3 hours
  • Language and Literacy III: 3 hours
  • Science Methods: 3 hours
  • Mathematics Methods: 3 hours
  • Classroom Management: 3 hours
  • Seminar in Education: 3 hours
  • K-6 Internship: 9 hours

Please note: 48 hours of upper-level credits are required for graduation. Further, students seeking certification in a comprehensive education teaching field (grades P-12) must also earn a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and complete required courses for certification.

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To learn more about becoming an elementary education major at Faulkner University in Alabama, contact us today. You can also easily apply online if you’re ready to enroll in our faith-based B.S. in Elementary Education program, which will prepare you for a lifetime of rewarding opportunities working in schools, childcare centers, and more.