Earn a B.S. in Computer Science in Alabama

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Computer science attracts students who are looking for opportunities to make significant contributions in workplaces across the broad fields of business, industry, and science. The ability to solve computer problems with logic and creativity is highly sought after in the modern economy. Earning a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in computer science at Faulkner University in Alabama, students work with outstanding faculty in a Christian learning environment. Discover how our computer science degree sets students up for fulfilling work and exciting careers.

Challenging Curriculum

In the B.S. in Computer Science degree program, students learn how to:

  • Analyze and design computer-based solutions in a variety of fields, including engineering and the sciences
  • Solve problems that arise in the implementation of computer programming languages and software design
  • Communicate clearly in professional settings, and perform as an effective member of the work team
  • Stay up to date with new technologies
  • Make professional decisions informed by ethics and Christian values

Algorithmic processes are at the foundation of this computer science degree, and students are exposed to their theory, analysis, design, efficiency, implementation, and application. The curriculum includes software and hardware principles and encourages students to acquire the high degree of critical thinking and problem solving required in this field of study.

The program consists of 120 credit hours and includes courses in physics, mathematics, English, professional ethics, and Bible studies, as well as in-depth computer science classes. The curriculum is detailed as follows:

Core Curriculum (51 hours)

  • Christian Literacy: 18 hours
    • Biblical Worldview I: 3 hours
    • Biblical Worldview II: 3 hours
    • Understanding Biblical Literature: 3 hours
    • Christian Ethics: 3 hours
    • Marriage and Family Relations: 3 hours
    • Christian Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
  • Cultural Heritage Literacy: 9 hours
    • Western Tradition I: 3 hours
    • Western Tradition II: 3 hours
    • American Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
  • Information and Communication Literacy: 9 hours
    • English Composition I: 3 hours
    • English Composition II: 3 hours
    • Choose Survey of English Literature I, or Survey of American Literature I, or Survey of American Literature II: 3 hours
  • Mathematical and Scientific Literacy: 8 hours
    • Calculus I: 4 hours
    • University Physics II/Lab: 4 hours
  • Personal and Social Literacy: 7 hours
    • Lifetime Fitness: 3 hours
    • Faulkner Foundations or Faulkner Foundations-Transfer: 1 hour
    • Computers, Ethics, and Society: 3 hours
  • Professional Literacy: 69 hours
    • Computer Programming I: 3 hours
    • Computer Programming II: 3 hours
    • Software Development Tools: 1 hour
    • Fundamental Mathematical Structures: 3 hours
    • Data Structures and Algorithms: 3 hours
    • Computer Organization: 3 hours
    • Systems Foundations: 3 hours
    • Database Concepts: 3 hours
    • Software Development: 3 hours
    • Design & Implementation of Programming Languages: 3 hours
    • Software Engineering: 3 hours
    • Internship/Project in Computer Science: 3 hours
    • Seminar in Computer Science: 3 hours
  • Department Requirements: 17 hours
    • University Physics II: 3 hours
    • University Physics II Lab: 1 hour
    • Statistics: 3 hours
    • Calculus II: 4 hours
    • Linear Algebra: 3 hours
    • Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing: 3 hours
  • Professional Literacy Electives: 6 hours
    • Mobile Programming: 3 hours
    • Web Programming: 3 hours
    • Programming Intensive: 1 hour
    • Cloud Computing: 1 hour
    • Security+: 1 hour
    • Advanced Topic: 1 hour
  • General Education Electives: 9 hours

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in Alabama

Computer science is an area of fast growth and constant innovation. For students who are attracted to technology and mathematics, earning a computer science degree opens doors to a multitude of career opportunities around the world, including:

  • Full stack web developer
  • Software engineer
  • Programmer
  • Analyst
  • Software developer

Learn More About a B.S. Degree in Computer Science

Based in Montgomery, AL, Faulkner University also has campuses in Mobile, Birmingham, and Huntsville, and offers programs online. To learn more about a B.S. in computer science contact Faulkner University or apply online.