Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Science (CIS)

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If you have an affinity for programming and problem solving, explore our Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree program in computer information science (CIS) at Faulkner University, based in Montgomery, Alabama, and with campuses in Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville. Our curriculum covers business fundamentals, Christian values, mathematics, and computer science to provide a fully balanced education. For students who are considering a graduate degree, a B.S. in CIS is a good springboard to a variety of academic disciplines. Learn more about earning your bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Our Comprehensive Curriculum

Students in the B.S. in CIS program learn how to find solutions to problems that arise with databases, software programs, and computer functionality. Students learn to coordinate workflows and communicate well with colleagues to become key team members of an organization. In this program, students are taught how to:

  • Investigate, analyze, and provide solutions to problems within computer systems
  • Apply solutions with a firm foundation in professional ethics
  • Communicate technical strategies to team members, both verbally and in writing
  • Develop computer-based solutions using object-oriented programming, visual programming, internet programming, and database programming
  • Improve functional performance of computers and systems
  • Incorporate and manage technological changes and developments

Required Coursework to Earn a B.S. in CIS

Earning 120 credit hours, students in the computer information science program receive a well-rounded education at Faulkner University. Grounded in a faith-based curriculum, the coursework includes:

Core Curriculum (51 hours)

  • Christian Literacy: 18 hours
    • Biblical Worldview I: 3 hours
    • Biblical Worldview II: 3 hours
    • Understanding Biblical Literature: 3 hours
    • Christian Ethics: 3 hours
    • Marriage and Family Relations: 3 hours
    • Christian Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
  • Cultural Heritage Legacy: 9 hours
    • Western Tradition I: 3 hours
    • Western Tradition II: 3 hours
    • American Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
  • Information and Communication Literacy: 9 hours
    • English Composition I: 3 hours
    • English Composition II: 3 hours
    • Survey of English Literature 1, or Survey of American Literature I, or Survey of American Literature II: 3 hours
  • Mathematical and Scientific Literacy: 8 hours
    • Calculus I: 4 hours
    • Natural or Physical Science with Lab: 4 hours
  • Personal and Social Literacy: 7 hours
    • Lifetime Fitness: 3 hours
    • Faulkner Foundations or Faulkner Foundations – Transfer: 1 hour
    • Computers, Ethics, and Society: 3 hours

Professional Literacy (69 hours)

  • Computer Information Science: 27 hours
    • Introduction to Computer and Information Science: 3 hours
    • Computer Programming I: 3 hours
    • Computer Programming II: 3 hours
    • Computer Organization: 3 hours
    • Introduction to Visual Programming: 3 hours
    • Systems Foundations: 3 hours
    • Software Engineering: 3 hours
    • Internship/Project in Computer and Information Science: 3 hours
    • Seminar in Computer and Information Science: 3 hours
  • Computer Science: 9 hours
    • Fundamental Mathematical Structures: 3 hours
    • Data Structures and Algorithms: 3 hours
    • Database Concepts: 3 hours
  • Departmental Requirements: 9 hours
    • Principles of Accounting I: 3 hours
    • Statistics: 3 hours
    • Principles of Management: 3 hours
  • Professional Literacy Electives [chosen from the following]: 21 hours
    • User Interface Design: 3 hours
    • Principles of Accounting II: 3 hours
    • Mobile Programming: 3 hours
    • Software Development: 3 hours
    • Web Programming: 3 hours
    • Project Management for Software Engineering: 3 hours
    • Linear Algebra: 3 hours
    • Numerical Analysis and Scientific Programming: 3 hours
    • Programming Intensive: 1 hour
    • Cloud Computing: 1 hour
    • Security+: 1 hour
    • Advanced Topic: 1 hour
  • General Education Electives: 3 hours

Job Opportunities in Computer Science

Faulkner University’s B.S. in CIS program prepares graduates for careers and a variety of professional roles in corporations, small businesses, and other organizations, including churches and religious institutions. The skills learned help prepare them to earn several job titles, such as:

  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Software Developer, Engineer, and Tester
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Database Designer

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Faulkner University

Our campuses in Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville, AL, are places where students are supported in Christian faith and academic excellence. Request more information about earning your bachelor's degree in computer science or apply online today.