BCJ Entrance Requirements

The one year Bachelor of Criminal Justice curriculum is designed to accommodate the working adult who has completed the 66 semester hours of core curriculum listed below.

Subject/Subject Includes


Christian Literacy

12 hours
Four lower level courses in Bible (BI 1311; BI 1314; BI 2302 and one BI elective.) Students who transfer in core curriculum requirements for the BCJ program can substitute 12 hours in general education courses for this requirement. Students who take courses at Faulkner University to satisfy the core curriculum requirements for the BCJ program must take a Bible course within every 15 hours to satisfy the University’s Christian Literacy requirement.

Cultural Heritage Literacy

3 hours
One course in humanities or history will satisfy this requirement.

Mathematical and Scientific Literacy

9 hours
Mathematics Requirement (MH 1300 College Math or higher) – 3hrs
Natural or Physical Science Requirement – 3hrs
Mathematics or Natural or Physical Science – 3hrs

Information and Communication Literacy

9 hours
Composition Requirement
EH 1301 English Composition I – 3hrs
EH 1302 English Composition II – 3hrs
Technology – Computer Applications (CA 1302) – 3hrs

Personal and Social Literacy

12 hours
Social Sciences: Four courses in any social science area such as history, political science, economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, library science, geography, etc.


21 hours

Core Curriculum Total

66 hours


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