Criminal Justice (BCJ)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice (BCJ) is broad-based and designed to provide criminal justice (CJ) practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of the CJ system. This program enhances the knowledge of persons employed in law enforcement, corrections, the legal field, and private security. The curriculum also prepares individuals to attend graduate school, including law school. (Acceptance into any graduate school depends on that school’s admissions requirements and the qualifications of each applicant.)

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BCJ) program is unique in the following ways:

  • The broad-based curriculum approach emphasizes law enforcement, private security, corrections, and jurisprudence (pre-law);
  • The faculty has extensive experience in the fields of criminal justice;
  • The BCJ faculty is recognized by their peers as knowledgeable and effective instructors;
  • The BCJ full-time and adjunct faculty are currently teaching at various law enforcement academies and criminal justice agencies within Alabama;
  • All courses are presented from a moral and ethical viewpoint; and
  • The courses were selected in consultation with an advisory board comprised of criminal justice administrators and practitioners.

Program Highlights

  • Upper-level courses completed in one year (3 semesters).
  • Offered completely online or in a hybrid format (combination of on ground and online).
  • The degree consists of six modules, each lasting 8 weeks
  • Academic credit is granted for law enforcement and corrections minimum standards certification.

Please see our program requirements for more details.

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