Tuition and Fees Degree Completion


2021-2022 Financial Information

Adult $325 per semester hour
Military Qualified Students (60 hours or less) $250 per semester hour
BBA program $325 per semester hour
BCJ/EBCJ program $335 per semester hour
BLS program $335 per semester hour
BSB program $320 per semester hour
HRM program $360 per semester hour
General Fee $300 per semester ($200 if 11 hours or less)
Online Course Fee (for fully online course) $70 per semester hour
Applicable Course Fees see full tuition and fee schedule

NOTE: Faulkner University reserves the right to adjust rates and fees at any time before charges are incurred by the student. Visit the Student Accounts page for a full list of tuition and fees.

Payment Options

Option I: Self-Pay

Payment dates vary by program. These dates are outlined on the registration agreement.

Option II: Payment by Company Reimbursement

Students wishing to pay by company reimbursement must provide a letter of authorization from their employer, plus a copy of the company’s reimbursement policy prior to registration. Military personnel must use an approved tuition assistance form.

Option III: Financial Aid

Students can apply for Financial Aid in the form of grants and/or loans to cover program costs. Faulkner University’s financial aid program, a combination of Federal and State funds, is designed to help you pursue your education regardless of your financial need. Admissions and financial aid counselors will assist you in applying for financial aid.

The most common types of financial aid

  • Alabama State Grant Awarded to eligible undergraduate students who have been in the state of Alabama for 12 months or longer. Students must be enrolled at least half-time and making satisfactory progress.
  • Federal Pell Grant Awarded to eligible undergraduate students who have not earned a baccalaureate or professional degree. Eligibility is based on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) Eligibility is based on family income and awarded to qualified undergraduate applicants with both subsidized loans. Students must be enrolled at least half-time.
  • Federal Education Loans Graduate and undergraduate students may apply. The most common loan is the Federal Family Education Loan Program with both subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Students must be enrolled at least half-time.
  • Military Education Aid Students who are currently serving or have served in the National Guard, or who are dependents of veterans, may be eligible for education benefits through the military.