Music Candidate Requirements

The mission of the Faulkner University music program is to glorify God through the education of the whole person and through the preparation of competent musicians, emphasizing integrity of character; the love of learning, creating, and performing; the admiration of the beautiful and the sublime; and the integration of a Christian worldview into a philosophy of the arts. The studies in music are designed to prepare musicians for music studies on the graduate level, to pursue their teaching certification at the graduate level, or to enter a career in performance. In addition, studies in music at Faulkner provide guidance for musically talented students who seek to contribute to the aesthetic and cultural life of the university, the community, and in their local church.

Students may obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree with a concentration in either vocal or instrumental music. Students may also pursue a minor in music.

The university music program sponsors four performance ensembles, whose members are chosen by audition. The University Chorus and Faulkner Singers perform throughout the state and around the nation each year. The University Band performs at football games in the fall and focuses on concert repertoire in the spring. The Jazz Ensemble, like the vocal ensembles, performs numerous times each year. 

Before being admitted as music majors, students must take a Theory Placement Exam and pass an audition on their primary instrument.

Candidates for degrees in music must fulfill the following requirements:

1.      Complete all course requirements.

2.      Attend a specified number of student recitals and university-sponsored concerts each semester enrolled at Faulkner University.

3.      Perform in student recitals and in a jury each semester enrolled in private instruction. (Juries are performed on the student’s principal instrument.)

4.      Perform a senior recital during the senior year consisting of at least 45 minutes of musical material. Students should prepare a program with notes and, for vocalists, translations.

5.      Pass the Piano Proficiency Exam, which includes a number of specific requirements associated with the specific degree track the student is pursuing.

6.      Pass the Major Field Test during the student’s senior year.

7.      Complete an internship during the final semester of the student’s senior year.

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