Technology is growing, changing and expanding rapidly.  Technology needs problem solvers and innovators. If you enjoy the challenge of solving problems, creating new ways of doing things, or staying on top of the latest technology, then Faulkner’s Computer Science Department is for you.

The Computer Science Department of Faulkner University is hands-on with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of programming, hardware and software. You’ll learn from instructors who work in the field and can advise you on what you need to know to be valuable in the industry.

Emphases offered by the Computer Science Department

Computer Science

Computer Science provides a strong theoretical background and software emphasis.

Computer Science is primarily concerned with information processes, the structure and procedures needed to represent them, and the systems needed to implement them. The computer science degrees provide a strong theoretical background to this exciting and rewarding discipline.

In addition to the Computer Science coursework, graduates will have substantial depth and breadth in mathematics and physics.

The computer industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the worldwide economy. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science sets the stage for graduate study or employment in a wide variety of professional careers.

Degree Plan

Computer and Information Science

Computer and Information Science focuses on software systems and programming.

The computer and information science degrees emphasize programming and the analysis, design and implementation of software systems.

In addition to the computer and information science coursework, graduates will have substantial depth and breadth in business (accounting and organizational behavior).

Associate of Science in Computer and Information Science

The associate program provides a good foundation in computer and information science. Recipients of the Associate of Science in Computer and Information Science degree will find many opportunities for employment in computer programming and application development. You can also transfer with junior standing to a Bachelor of Science degree program in Computer and Information Science.

All courses towards the Associate of Science in Computer and Information Science are taught in the evenings and on weekends.

Associate of Science in Computer and Information Science degree plan

Course Descriptions


Informatics focuses on the relationships between people and the technology they use.

Making Technology Simple

Informatics focuses on the study of the social impact of technology and the development of new uses for technology. It emphasizes the application of new technologies within the context of another discipline.

A degree in informatics provides students with expertise to evaluate information, organize it efficiently, index it for retrieval, and preserve it for history. Students gain an understanding of information behavior, learn effective procedures for implementation and assessment of information systems, and develop strategies for enhancing user satisfaction in the information-seeking process.

Bachelor of Arts in Informatics

A degree in informatics enables students to seek positions where data, systems and people come together, or pursue graduate degree programs in related fields. 

Degree plan for the Bachelor of Arts in Informatics

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