When to Consider an Online Associate Degree

When to Consider an Online Associate Degree

Student looking at laptop and participating in online class

Enrolling in an associate degree program is often a sensible next step for high school graduates, professionals who are seeking a change of pace, or others who want to begin a new career. Now more than ever, earning this degree online has become widely available, especially right here at Faulkner University. Here, we provide a few reasons why you shouldn’t delay starting an online associate degree.

You Want a Better Future

The path to increased wages, better job stability, and additional higher education can begin with an online associate degree. These programs equip students with the skills and knowledge to become entry-level professionals in a wide variety of fields. Plus, an associate degree is also a great alternative for students who do not want to spend four or more years earning a bachelor’s degree.

At Faulkner University, we’re proud to offer two online associate degree programs that help students pave the way toward a brighter future. They include:

Associate of Arts or Science in Liberal Arts

This program emphasizes the importance of a liberal arts education for the workplace and helps students understand the bigger picture and develop the following skills:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Working on a team with varied perspectives
  • Adaptability in decision making
  • Math, science, and business fundamentals
  • Christian literacy
  • Computer programming

Course subject matter includes cultural heritage, psychology, ethics, English literature, and more. They all aim to give students a critical sense and awareness of how the following factors affect how organizations run:

  • Social location
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Class

Associate of Science in Computer Information Science

This program introduces students to the world of computer information science (CIS), with the curriculum covering areas including:

  • Foundations of software, networks, programming, and databases
  • Solving problems related to all aspects of CIS
  • Information and communication literacy
  • Visual programming, analysis, and software design
  • Christian and cultural heritage literacy

Students can also continue their studies by transferring to our bachelor’s degree program in CIS.

Online Classes Make Learning Easier Than Ever Before

For some students, committing time to attend class on campus every day simply isn’t feasible. Others may prefer online courses since they allow students flexibility to learn in a way that suits them. Whatever the case, students pursuing an online associate degree at Faulkner University benefit in many ways, including:

  • Learning from wherever is the best location for you
  • Avoiding the hassle of having to drive or use public transportation to get to campus
  • Becoming qualified to start working faster than other educational tracks
  • Developing discipline and time-management skills as a self-starter
  • Receiving a personalized education deeply rooted in the Christian tradition

Take the First Step Toward an Online Associate Degree

If you identify with any of the points covered above, an online associate degree might be the right fit for you. At Faulkner University, we believe there’s no time like the present to begin your journey in higher education and start building a new career path. Contact us today for more information about our online programs, which serve students in Montgomery, Alabama, and across the United States.