What Can You Do With a Humanities Degree? Exploring the Career Field

What Can You Do With a Humanities Degree? Exploring the Career Field

Page with words on it with humanities in center under magnifying glass
Page with words on it with humanities in center under magnifying glass

A humanities degree involves the study of society and humans from a critical perspective that teaches skills in problem-solving, communication, and collaboration that can open the door to a wide range of career opportunities. Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama, is a private liberal arts university that offers a Bachelor of Arts in humanities that explores interdisciplinary areas of study within the social sciences. Learn more about what career paths you can take after earning a humanities degree.

Become a Writer or Journalist

A humanities degree is a great launchpad for a career in writing or journalism because of the creative and communication skills you’ll learn throughout your studies. Many courses in humanities involve reading, research, writing, and editing, which are necessary for a career as an author or journalist. You will also learn to look at problems through a creative lens, which can be an asset. Similar careers include copywriting, editing, or technical writing, but they may offer less creative freedom. The humanities degree at Faulkner University also has a curriculum centered around the Great Books, which will expose you to literature and critical thinking that can be extremely beneficial for a writing career.

Go into Business or Finance

Some people might think a humanities degree is only for careers in social sciences, but that’s not always the case. A degree in humanities can also prepare you to go into a career field in hard sciences, such as business, finance, or tech. The skills learned in humanities, including critical thinking and communication, are becoming more important in other industries where once they may not have been as important. The banking and finance industries also offer a wide range of careers, from management to trading and accounting, and your humanities education can help you succeed in all of them.

Work in Education or Administration

A humanities degree can provide a great foundation for becoming an educator or education administrator. You will need to have excellent communication skills and knowledge of a broad range of subjects, which a humanities degree will provide you with. You will also need experience in critical thinking and problem-solving, which are essential when working with students. The humanities also emphasize the importance of diversity and understanding the complexities of society.

Break into the Field of Law

Getting a degree in humanities is a solid first step before applying to law school. If you’re interested in solving problems and helping others, becoming a lawyer may be the right career move for you. The humanities teach you to analyze society and social interactions, as well as sharpen your reading and writing skills, which are all necessary for surviving law school and succeeding as a lawyer. Faulkner University offers courses in philosophy, literature, history, and more to provide a well-rounded humanities education that will help you thrive as a lawyer.

Find Employment in Marketing or PR

An education in humanities ensures you will be able to understand society and people and communicate with them professionally. This foundation allows you to succeed in a career in marketing, public relations, or human resources. You will also be well-versed in solving complex problems and putting a creative spin on things, which can be an added benefit in PR and marketing careers.

Explore Biblical Studies

Since Faulkner University is a Christian school, we offer a faith-based curriculum and biblical studies classes that can lead to a career in Christian ministry and provide you with a solid framework to pursue it.

Become an Interpreter or Translator

Foreign language studies are often included in humanities curriculums and are useful for pursuing careers as a language teacher, interpreter, or translator. These careers are well-served by a humanities education because they involve reading, listening, communicating, and interacting with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Request More Information About Our Humanities Degree

A humanities degree will help you build a solid foundation of problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will enable you to succeed in any career path you choose. At Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama, our Bachelor of Arts in humanities offers engaging online courses taught through a faith-based lens that will provide you with endless career opportunities in various fields. Contact us today to request information on our humanities program, or fill out our undergraduate application now.