Is an Online MBA Worth the Money?

Is an Online MBA Worth the Money?

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Getting a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a great way to expand your career potential. However, many prospective students find themselves wondering about the value of earning this degree online. When you earn an online degree, it can be more difficult to network and connect directly with classmates and instructors. Based in Montgomery, Alabama, Faulkner University offers an executive MBA program online that has several advantages to help advance your career. Here, we explore the value of an online MBA and how the degree can provide you with more professional opportunities.

An Online MBA Can Open Doors

Having an MBA can help open several professional doors for you. Without your MBA, there are some jobs for which you simply cannot apply. You may have a hard time working your way into certain career fields or advancing your career, even with significant experience and certifications. But with an MBA, you can often make your way through those early screening steps more effectively, which can help you to secure a job in your chosen field.

Improve Your Career Skills

There are a lot of career skills you can improve while working on your MBA. They include:

Written Communication Skills

In many fields, written communication skills are an essential component to doing your job effectively, and it may be a key part in helping you obtain that job in the first place. As you pursue your MBA online, you will develop substantially enhanced written communication skills. Not only will you have the chance to improve your skills as you write and turn in papers and take advantage of time in the writing lab, but you may also find that you learn better written communication skills as you email your professors, chat on message boards, and use a variety of online communication tools to connect with your instructors and peers.

Career-Specific Skills

As you pursue your MBA, you’ll have the chance to improve specific career skills that you may not have had the chance to pick up on the job or in your other educational endeavors. You’ll get to work with the tools you might use on the job, including skills recommended by industry professionals. Through your classes, you’ll have the chance to build your overall skills, learn more about what your future employer might expect you to be able to do, and pick up tools that you might not have used in the past. You may also have the chance to focus on specific areas in which you intend to do business in the future, which can help you get a job in more niche fields. As a result, you will be a more attractive job prospect and better prepared for your future career.

Business and Management Skills

Your MBA classes will give you the chance to advance your business and management skills substantially. You may learn more about how to manage people effectively, how to connect with employees, or how to manage finances for your business. In addition, your online MBA classes will provide you with insights into how to make critical business decisions, which can make you a more effective manager or senior member of the team. As you advance your career, you’ll find that knowing how to effectively manage people makes it easier for you to keep the business running smoothly.

Improve Your Professional Network

While much of your online MBA will take place behind a computer screen, you will still have plenty of opportunities to connect with others in your field. You will have the chance to make connections with your classmates through online discussion boards, email, and chat. You will build a relationship with your professors, who can then offer essential recommendations or references when you’re ready to pursue your career. You may also have the chance to connect with industry professionals as you complete the coursework for your degree. Thanks to an enhanced professional network, many people with an MBA find it easier to get the job of their dreams.

Increase Your Income

For some fields and professions, an MBA can go a long way toward helping you get your ideal salary. Once you have completed the steps to acquire your MBA, you’ll find that may employers are willing to increase your salary for an initial job offer. Your MBA can help your skillset stand out, which could make it easier for you to negotiate a job offer that fits your needs and desires.

Earn Your MBA Online with Faulkner University

Getting your MBA can go a long way toward helping to advance your career skills and putting you in a better position to get the job of your dreams, making it well worth the investment of time and money. Many graduates of Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama, find that the degree is well worth it. Apply today or request more information to learn more about Faulkner University and the online programs we offer.