Exploring Career Paths With a Master of Justice Administration Degree

Exploring Career Paths With a Master of Justice Administration Degree

For those interested in criminal justice and the administration of justice systems, enrolling in a Master of Justice Administration degree program may be the perfect fit.

There are a wide variety of jobs related to the U.S. justice system for someone with a master’s degree in justice administration. By entering the right program, you can deepen your knowledge base in law and justice and gain advanced qualifications as you consider these many career pathways in the field of justice. Faulkner University, based in Alabama, offers a fully online Master of Justice Administration degree program. Here, we discuss the different roles that those with a Master of Justice Administration degree can pursue.

Open Doors in the Criminal Justice Field

Earning an administration of justice master’s degree and combining that with relevant experience can open doors to the field of justice administration. Degree programs are designed for those interested in law enforcement, the court systems, and avenues for rehabilitation. That includes job roles within the systems of parole and probation. Others find their careers in private security or investigative divisions of law enforcement. The online degree program at Faulkner University is an excellent way to prepare for a job in justice or criminal justice administration in just over one year.

Faulkner University offers our Master of Justice Administration degree within the context of our Christian liberal arts ideals. Working in the justice system allows opportunities for helping agencies and departments run more smoothly, both public and private. Students may be interested in working with non-profit organizations that uphold constitutional rights and monitor due process protocols. Others may find their career path in state or federal law enforcement, within the prison systems, or in counterterrorism initiatives. There are many ways people in this field can help others protect themselves from crime and receive fair treatment when crimes occur.

Which Career Paths Appeal to You?

If you have already earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, you may be qualified to apply to the Master of Justice Administration degree program at Faulkner University. Upon graduating, students can move on to pursue many roles in the justice administration sector. Some jobs that may interest you include:

  • Bailiff
  • Case manager
  • Casino security management
  • Correctional officer
  • Criminal investigator/profiler
  • Cybersecurity investigator
  • Fraud investigator
  • Game warden
  • Intelligence research
  • Law enforcement, state and federal agencies
  • Management in criminal justice organizations
  • Paralegal specialist
  • Probation officer
  • Social worker
  • Special agent: FBI, DEA, U.S. Marshall
  • Victim’s rights advocate

Our Master of Justice Administration degree program is designed to provide added credentials for those who want to advance in a chosen criminal justice field. If students don’t yet have experience in the field, a graduate degree may help place them in law enforcement and corrections jobs. The program emphasizes the interconnectedness of these arms of the U.S. justice system, preparing students for high-functioning jobs and leadership roles.

Master of Justice Administration Program Highlights

The Master of Justice Administration degree program can be completed online in 14 months. After students apply for admission and are accepted, they must complete ten courses. Each course is five weeks in length, and students can begin taking courses as soon as the next one is offered. In other words, there are no prerequisites for any one course. Students take them in the order they are presented, encompassing a one-year rotation of courses. The program provides a blend of perspectives, incorporating Christian ethics and morals with an examination of the criminal justice system.

Begin Your Journey at Faulkner University

With a Master of Justice Administration degree from Faulkner University, students can set their sights on many different jobs in the justice system. Combine advanced education with your existing skills and talents to find a career in criminal justice that is both worthwhile and satisfying. We serve students across Alabama, with campuses in Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville as well as fully online degree programs. To learn more, request information today.