What Can You Do With a Fire Science Management Degree?

What Can You Do With a Fire Science Management Degree?

Nobody wants fire to destroy their home, business, or landscape, but this threat is always present. The dedicated professionals who fight fire, as well as those who work to reduce the risk of its occurrence, are valuable members of every community.

Gaining an understanding of fire science management, students in the Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management degree program at Faulkner University in Alabama learn how fires burn, how to prevent them, and how to put out the flames efficiently. This fully online program also offers courses on fire investigation, disaster planning, and fire protection systems. Discover more about this important career path.

Help Protect Communities and Reduce Fire Risk

There is a real need for leadership and management skills within the firefighting and fire safety services. The discipline of fire science management aims to prepare professionals for these roles. Earning a fire science degree can lead to a variety of work roles, all of which are vital to keeping people, buildings, and animals safe.

If you have already been a volunteer firefighter, or have served a community in any capacity, you know how much time is spent preparing for fires and other accidents. You also may know how crucial it is to have qualified professionals available when a crisis occurs. Companies and other businesses understand how fire can disrupt and destroy. That’s why precautions, drills, and education are included in employee training programs.

Risk reduction professionals work in private and public capacities, as well as for insurance companies. Crisis management or disaster preparedness professionals all must have a thorough understanding of the many types of fires and how to manage them.

Which Fire Science Management Career Appeals to You?

The work of the firefighter is physically and mentally demanding. Teamwork skills are required in all aspects of fire science, including investigation, risk management, and fire protection engineering. In addition, there is often an opportunity for advancement with experience on the job.

Here are some job titles held by fire science management professionals:

  • Safety manager and safety consultant
  • Firefighters, including rural, urban, and wild lands
  • Fire chief
  • Fire sprinkler designer or technician
  • Fire protection engineer
  • Fire marshal
  • Environmental health and safety manager
  • Fire inspector
  • Emergency services manager
  • Alarm technician
  • Fire engineer

Just as there are many types of work related to fire science careers, there are a variety of organizations in which they find employment. Here are some of the opportunities for those who graduate with a fire science management degree:

  • Fire departments
  • Local, state, and federal government
  • Fire sprinkler designers
  • Public safety
  • Insurance agencies
  • Military

Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management Degree Program Highlights

Service-oriented individuals interested in the Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management degree at Faulkner University can apply for admission as adult students. Students must be able to transfer 30 approved semester hours from previous college work before entering the program. The remaining coursework is completed online in three semesters.

The Fire Science Management courses are divided into six eight-week modules. Because the courses have no prerequisites, they can be taken in any order. The semesters are organized into two eight-week modules, with each module having three courses. Modules start in January, March, April, June, August, and October. When students start a module, they can begin with the first available online course. From there, they can continue taking courses to complete all the required semester hours. This flexible design allows students to complete two years of coursework in as few as 12 months.

Become a Fire Science Professional at Faulkner University

Faulkner University offers a Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management degree program that trains graduates for vital management and leadership positions. We serve students across Alabama, with campuses in Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville as well as online degree programs. Does this career path appeal to you? Request information about our Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management degree program today.