Charge to 2022 Graduates: Live Courageously for Christ

Charge to 2022 Graduates: Live Courageously for Christ

Lisa Williams speaks at the 2022 Commencement ceremony on May 6, 2022.

Former Faulkner University First Lady, Lisa Williams charged graduates at this year’s 2022 commencement to block out the lies of this world and to go and live authentic, courageous lives for Jesus Christ.

As this year’s commencement speaker, Williams encouraged students as they face the professional world after graduation, to stay true to their faith in Christ.

“What will happen when you step into a world where it is becoming toxic to be a Christian?” she asked.  “You’re told you are actually the problem and the road block to enlightenment and flourishing because of your beliefs and practices. Make no mistake we are all in this daily war and it’s not one of guns and bombs; it’s not against other people’s ideologies; it is a war of lies and not so much that we tell lies, but more that we live them. We let false narratives into our minds and it wreaks havoc in our souls.”

“You have all attended a Christian university and have completed a rigorous path of study in preparation for a promising and prosperous future,” Williams added. “While at Faulkner you have had a Christian lens applied to the studies of that chosen path. But are you ready not for your career, but for the battle you will be in daily for your soul’s peace?

Williams shared her thoughts for the ceremony’s message were taken from the book, Live No Lies by John Mark Comer.

In the book, Comer notes society is shifting in its views toward Christianity. While the majority of the population once aligned with Christians and Christian beliefs, Christians now make up a minority of the population. Likewise, Christians once held a place of honor in society, but now seem to hold a place of shame. The world is growing in hostility toward those professing their faith in Christ and becoming more accepting of secularism’s alternative vision of human flourishing.

The world is making a desperate attempt to fill our heads and our hearts with lies to make us ineffective for Christ, Williams said.

“To put it simply we may hear that voice in our heads saying I’m not smart enough, I’m not attractive, nobody will really like me, I’ll always fail, if they knew what I’ve done they could never love or like me. In our culture self exists to be explored, indulged and expressed, but not disciplined or restrained,” Williams said.

Williams added that our deepest desire, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, is an ache for God Himself and to live in His love and to yield to His promises and His will for our lives. While the world says to give in to the surface-level desires of our flesh, we are called instead to seek after goodness, love, loyalty, humility, joy, compassion and the fruits of the Spirit.

“Through Jesus you can come to peace and you can live no lies. Earlier you were asked, are you ready?” Williams said. “The answer is, yes. Yes you are ready, you can live the life with no lies. We can choose to have quiet time alone with God in prayer. We can talk with Him and walk with Him in spirit each day by being mindful of Him and in service to others for Him, we can fast, we can read His word, we can support and be supported by the body of Christ just by assembling together. You can have your soul’s deepest desires, to be a person of goodness and love. Living lives for Jesus in a toxic world will not only bring you peace and so much more but it will give honor and glory to our King with each step we take. May you go in peace.”

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