Understanding the Family in Family Ministry

Understanding the Family in Family Ministry

Faulkner University is proud to offer a variety of online academic programs inspired by our deep Christian heritage including the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Family Ministry (MACC) program. Combining joint instruction from both the Kearley Graduate School of Theology and the Faulkner University College of Education makes for a truly comprehensive program of studies. This multifaceted program has a lot to offer students who want to work with children and families, particularly in church and ministry settings. Yet students may not be fully aware of all that family ministry involves, so here we will look more closely at the family ministry component of this interdisciplinary degree program.

Family Ministry Explained

The first element in the program’s title, Christian counseling, is relatively straightforward. Most students pursuing this degree are not seeking professional licensure, instead they desire to help their church by providing expert ministerial guidance. Family ministry refers to the actions taken by the church to foster robust familial relationships that strengthen the character, competence and faith of family members. More specifically, students are equipped to provide family life education programs designed to prevent marital and family difficulties (e.g., marriage enrichment, parent education, sex education, etc.) and also trained with the counseling skills needed to effectively intervene when problems do arise. Further, family ministry often refers to the overall relationship between the church and the family, as well as how that relationship helps bring each family member closer to Christ.

How Can Faulkner Help?

In order to provide a thorough understanding of family ministry, Faulkner University’s MACC program requires students to complete 15 credit hours of family ministry courses with content relevant to Family Dynamics, Marriage and Family Theory, Life-Span Human Development, and more which serve as the perfect complement to the various counseling courses also included in the curriculum.

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