6 Career Paths for Biblical Studies Graduates Outside of the Church

6 Career Paths for Biblical Studies Graduates Outside of the Church

Man reads Bible while drinking coffee
Man reads Bible while drinking coffee

When you first embark on your journey to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama, you may aim to enter seminary after graduation or to seek a career in the church. Along the way, however, you may determine that a career in the church isn’t the ideal choice for you. Fortunately, there are several career paths that can allow you to make the most of a biblical studies degree without entering the church professionally. Here, we explore six possible career paths for you to pursue.


A degree in biblical studies provides you with a great deal of insight into the Christian Bible and its history. You may want to use that knowledge to provide inspiration, wisdom, or entertainment to others. Do you enjoy writing and researching? You may want to consider writing non-fiction books, online blogs, or articles for a Christian magazine. A degree in biblical studies may also set you up for writing opportunities in fiction since you can weave your knowledge of biblical history and doctrine into those stories.


In many cases, you may find that you can work as a chaplain without having to enter the church directly. Not only are there military chaplain positions that you may want to pursue if you are an active duty member in the military or plan to serve in the future, you may want to consider working as a chaplain within:

  • Hospitals
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Fire departments
  • Universities
  • Nursing homes

Many employee assistance programs also offer chaplain positions. 

Working as a chaplain can have some of the same benefits as working in the church. You may, for example, be able to provide counseling, hope, and care to many of the people who come to you with their ongoing needs. At the same time, however, working as a chaplain may have additional benefits, including a better overall salary and workplace benefit options. 

Teacher or Professor

In many cases, Biblical Studies graduates may discover that they enjoy researching Biblical history, sharing their knowledge, and discussing it in academic circles more than they do taking that knowledge out into the church. Becoming a teacher can offer the best of all worlds. It allows you to continue to share your academic knowledge, including your strong understanding of biblical doctrine and history, while keeping you in an academic environment where you can debate, discuss, and grow with others who have knowledge similar to yours. 

Some Biblical Studies majors find that they are ideally positioned to pursue a position as a professor with a university. Others may want to take their historical knowledge and background and use it to transfer their skills to a job as a history teacher. Some Christian schools may also be eager to hire Biblical Studies graduates to help teach their Bible history classes. 

Social Worker

If you do not want to work in the church, but you still want to work closely with other people, you may want to pursue a degree as a social worker. Social workers are often on the front lines of family crises. They are in the ideal position to work with their clients and provide them with solid backing and support as they deal with serious issues and challenges. As a Biblical Studies major, you may have the compassion and skills needed to connect with those families and support them through those difficult times. Keep in mind that a career as a social worker may require more time spent in school.


Biblical history often overlaps with other major historical events. Your strong knowledge of Biblical history may put you in the perfect position to work as an archaeologist. As an archaeologist, you can explore historic settings and artifacts and provide insight into their potential uses in the early church or as relics of an ancient time. Archaeologists may help share new discoveries with the wider world, helping them to understand their significance. Archaeologists may also require additional training after graduation.

Digital Marketing

Many Christian organizations need strong marketers who are positioned to help create their content. Often, that means creating theologically-based content that will attract attention to the website and showcase what the organization has to offer. While digital marketers for a Christian organization do not necessarily need to have a degree in Biblical Studies, Biblical Studies graduates may find that they have the perfect blend of knowledge and skills to help create the content those organizations need. Furthermore, they are often better positioned to keep a fully Christian view on those essential marketing materials, and they may have fresh insights that can help provide the boost those companies are looking for as they create content for their followers. 

Are You Ready to Launch a Career as a Biblical Studies Grad?

Finding the perfect career as a Biblical Studies graduate can take time. However, there are a lot of options out there, whether you want to join the church or you’re interested in pursuing a career outside of a direct religious institution. At Faulkner University in Montgomery, AL, we help prepare our Biblical Studies graduates for an exciting range of careers. Apply today to become part of the Faulkner University team, or request more information about our exciting Biblical Studies programs.