Bachelor of Science in General Clinical Psychology in Alabama

Client Having Consultation With Psychologist

Psychology is an important field, helping to understand human behavior and motivations, as well as offering support and healing. Graduates of general clinical psychology degree programs are in demand throughout society, in corporations, educational institutions, medical centers, nonprofit and community organizations, the arts, and the financial sector. The clinical psychology degree program at Faulkner University offers students the basis for a broad number of career choices. Find out about Faulkner University, where you can study clinical psychology in an environment based on Christian faith, with support for both academics and spirituality.

Clinical Psychology Degree Career Paths

Your successful completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Psychology can help you to become an entry-level professional and assist psychologists in mental health centers, hospitals, prisons, and rehabilitation centers. There are opportunities in government agencies and other social service institutions for employees with undergraduate degrees in clinical psychology, as well as in public relations, human resources, and the world of business.

Here are a few job titles held by graduates with a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology:

  • Human resources coordinator
  • Preschool teacher
  • Market researcher
  • Caseworker
  • Administrative assistant
  • Clinic coordinator
  • Intake specialist
  • Research associate

With a clinical psychology degree, graduates can find work using their knowledge of human development and behavior in a variety of settings. They also can gather work experience and determine whether they are interested in pursuing a master’s degree or doctorate and becoming a professional counselor.

Clinical Psychology Degree Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Psychology requires a total of 121 course hours. With a large selection of electives available in our undergraduate catalog, students can pursue their interests in the field of psychology. Our clinical psychology degree program prepares graduates for a variety of careers and is a strong base from which to apply for advanced degrees, in psychology or other fields.

Core Curriculum (50 hours)

  • Christian Literacy: 18 hours
    • Biblical Worldview I: 3 hours
    • Biblical Worldview II: 3 hours
    • Understanding the Biblical Literature: 3 hours
    • Christian Ethics: 3 hours
    • Marriage & Family: 3 hours
    • Christian Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
  • Cultural Heritage Literacy: 9 hours
    • Western Tradition I or Great Books III: 3 hours
    • Western Tradition II or Great Books IV: 3 hours
    • American Cultural Heritage: 3 hours
  • Mathematical and Scientific Literacy: (7 hours)
    • Finite Mathematics or higher match: 3 hours
    • BIO 1300 or Higher with Lab: 4 hours
  • Information and Communication Literacy: 9 hours
    • English Composition I or Great Books I: 3 hours
    • English Composition II or Great Books II: 3 hours
    • Literature Requirement: (Choose one of the following)
      • EH2301, EH2303, EH 2304, GB 3301: 3 hours
    • Personal and Social Literacy: 9 hours
      • Lifetime Fitness: 3 hours
      • Faulkner Foundations: 1 hour
      • Introduction to Psychology: 3 hours
    • Professional Literacy: 53 hours
    • Departmental Major Field Requirements: 29 hours
      • Introduction to Counseling: 3 hours
      • Seminar-Foundations in Psychology: 1 hour
      • Seminar-Special Topics in Psychology: 1 hour
      • Seminar-Readings in Psychology: 1 hour
      • Seminar-Senior Seminar in Psychology: 1 hour
      • Developmental Psychology: 3 hours
      • Behavioral Statistics: 3 hours
      • Research Methods Lab: 1 hour
      • Research Methods: 3 hours
      • Social Psychology: 3 hours
      • Psychology of Religion & Spirituality: 3 hours
      • Internship: 3 hours
      • Capstone Research Project: 3 hours
    • General/ Clinical Degree Requirements: 12 hours
      • Theories of Personality: 3 hours
      • Abnormal Psychology: 3 hours
      • Physiological Psychology: 3 hours
      • History and Systems: 3 hours
    • General/ Clinical Degree Electives: 12 hours
      • Choose Human Systems Elective—at least one course: 3 hours
        • Group Dynamics
        • Theories of Human System Dynamics
        • Industrial-Organizationalal Psychology
      • Other General/ Clinical Degree Electives: 9 hours
        • Criminal Behavior Analysis
        • Parent-Child Relationships
        • Drugs and Society
        • Marital & Family Theory
        • Human Sexuality
        • Life Roles and Career Development
        • Counseling Skills
        • Coping with Loss and Grief
        • Substance Abuse
        • Conflict Management
        • Professional Counseling Theories
        • Counseling Skills
        • Psychology of Consumer Behavior
        • Psychology of Leadership and Motivation
        • Performance Management and Appraisal
        • Behavior Modification Theories
        • Sports Psychology
        • Psychological Assessment
        • Health and Rehabilitation Psychology
      • Electives: 18 hours
        • Free Electives (any advisor-approved courses or transfers)

Earn A Clinical Psychology Degree at Faulkner University

Our Bachelor of Science degree in General Clinical Psychology provides a fascinating, life-enriching course of study. It's also an excellent springboard for careers in every sector of the economy. Study clinical psychology at Faulkner University, with campuses in Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile. We are a welcoming learning community with a strong foundation in the Christian faith. Apply now or request more information today.