Welcome Letter from the Dean

Dave KhadangaI warmly welcome you to the College of Business & Executive Education. The programs offered in the Harris College of Business and Executive Education are designed to develop and enhance leadership qualities in men and women to prepare them for roles in the business community and the free enterprise system. The faculty of the college strive to graduate students who are interested in what an education enables them to be and not just what it prepares them to do.

Our business curriculum applies theory to real-world problems so that students are prepared to achieve that successful outcome, whether they are entering a new career or advancing within their career. Many of the faculty bring relevant real-world experiences to the classroom. The college emphasizes the integration of faith and values with business theory and practice. The faculty challenge students to grow as they together consider ethical issues vital in today’s business environment.

As a team, we in the College of Business & Executive Education strive to prepare students with the knowledge and understanding to make the most of their opportunities for a successful outcome, both in their careers and their daily lives. We hope to expand the learning horizons of students beyond business operations and make a profound impact that lasts a lifetime.

I encourage you to explore the various opportunities we have to offer and hope that you will find an educational and career path that makes a meaningful difference in your life.

Best wishes,

Dave Khadanga, Ph.D.

Dean, Harris College of Business and Executive Ed.