How to Pursue an Online Education While Continuing to Work 9 to 5

How to Pursue an Online Education While Continuing to Work 9 to 5

For some the thought of enrolling in an online bachelor or masters degree program while continuing to work 9-5 can seem daunting. With a little self-discipline and by following certain steps, it can be managed quite easily. Online education can be beneficial for students who have to wear many hats throughout their workday since it is easier to work it around the schedule that works for them. Before online education was an option, students looking to change careers or pursue that bachelor or masters degree were limited to only nights or weekend classes, or having to save up and not work while attending a program. That is not the case anymore.

Being a Christian university, Faulkner University strives to educate the whole person while giving each student the individualized attention that he or she needs. The University understands the obstacles that can arise while pursuing a non-traditional education while in the midst of working a full-time job and raising a family. Instructors at Faulkner University are trained to meet each student where he or she is, and they treat each individual on a case-by-case basis, not a number. They understand that online students tend to have other commitments.

Form a Support Network

The first step in successfully pursuing an online education at Faulkner University is for students to build a support system. Reach out to those in one’s immediate circle whether they are teachers, family members or supervisors and coworkers at the day job, or night job, whichever it may be.

When these people become allies to the student’s educational pursuits, things will flow more smoothly. There’s a tendency to separate educational pursuits from family life and work life. Integrating them all is ideal and can even lead to more balance. If possible, use lessons from the online education classes in all facets of one’s life, even before receiving the degree. Everyone likes fresh ideas. Supervisors and family members may even take notice. For example, a Computer and Information Science student working in a café may be able to help with the computer system if a problem arises.

Arrange Schedule from the Beginning

As soon as a syllabus is received for the upcoming year, make sure to enter all major projects and deadlines into a calendar, and if it is possible to schedule some vacation time or paid time off at critical times during the year (e.g., mid-terms, group projects, finals), do so. With online education, a little organization goes a long way, and this step will help everyone in the support group to be on the same page and will lessen that element of surprise that could throw everything off center.


Don’t forget to breathe. Things can seem overwhelming at times, but keep an eye on the prize and take the time to recharge the battery, whether it’s going to the gym, the park or scheduling in a date night here and there. Stop and smell the roses! That online bachelor or masters degree is right around the corner.