How Studying Online Sets a Positive Example for Your Children

How Studying Online Sets a Positive Example for Your Children

Pursuing a degree as an adult student with Faulkner University can lead to an array of potential benefits, from the ability to climb higher within your current company to the opportunity to enter a new field altogether. But what may not be as clear is the positive influence the decision can have on your children. Wondering how an online education’s benefits could extend to your kids? We’ll break it down into three key benefits.

  1. Online degree programs can help you instill the importance of time management.
    Impeccable time management skills are always in demand throughout virtually every field, and there’s no better opportunity to master your scheduling abilities than by working an online degree program into your already busy everyday routine. Developing your ability to balance time between work, family and education can show your children that, however daunting a task may seem, most challenges can be overcome with careful planning and a healthy dose of persistence.
  2. Studying online can remind your children that on-campus courses aren’t the only option.
    There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for education, and studying online can help teach your children that full-time, on-campus education isn’t the only way to ensure future success. Children that are less comfortable with classroom interaction, for example, may prefer studying online. Likewise, if your child is eager to enter the workforce upon graduation from high school, studying online could remind them that a degree is still in reach – even if they’re planning to work full-time.
  3. Your choice to further your education reinforces the fact that you’re in control of your own dreams.
    Before online courses were an option, achieving a post-secondary degree as an active parent and working adult presented many more challenges, including the ability to make time for campus visits to the travel costs associated with commuting. Online educational programs, on the other hand, are typically designed with active adults in mind. This means that your decision to enroll can help remind your children that even if they don’t dive right into a college program upon graduation, it’s never too late to pursue a degree and work toward that long-sought-after dream job.

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