The Adult Student’s Guide to Online Course Motivation

The Adult Student’s Guide to Online Course Motivation

The flexibility offered by an online degree program is incredibly valuable, but that’s not to say that online education is without its unique challenges. For example, while full-time, on-campus students are offered in-person reminders and guidance for the work they’re required to complete, your online workload requires self-motivation and independent time management. If you’re looking for ways to get motivated, Faulkner University offers four key strategies to help you reach and exceed your educational goals.

  1. Set realistic goals.
    One popular method of maintaining interest in your scholarly pursuits is by routinely setting and working toward goals. Bear in mind that these goals will often be challenging, but they should always be realistic, as setting your expectations unreasonably high may simply result in disappointment and discouragement.

    Instead, set attainable goals that help you work toward the completion of a course. For example, consider aiming for 30 minutes spent reading course materials per day, or try to complete each assignment a few days before it’s due. Though they’re straightforward, completing these goals can help provide a well-deserved boost in morale.
  2. Reward yourself for completing your goals.
    Achieved a goal you’d set at the beginning of a course? The feeling of fulfillment may be a reward in itself, but treating yourself to a tasty snack or a movie night with the family can help increase your drive to keep on giving your education everything you’ve got.
  3. Remind yourself why you’re studying.
    Another easy way to rekindle your academic efforts is by reminding yourself of the many benefits that come with a college degree, which may range from a promotion in your current company to entering a field of which you’ve always dreamed. One way to do this is by creating a countdown calendar that lets you mark the days remaining until the end of the program – this can help keep your ultimate goal in sight while allowing you to visually gauge your progress through the entire program.
  4. Develop a balanced schedule.
    Pursuing a degree while working and spending time with family is challenging, but developing a thorough schedule that lets you devote plenty of time to each pursuit can help ease your stress in the long run. Spending time with family can give you a positive boost, while making sure you’re focused and engaged in your current position can help reduce potentially distracting thoughts while you’re immersed in schoolwork, and vice versa.

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