Benefit Your Family by Completing Your College Degree

Benefit Your Family by Completing Your College Degree

The sense of accomplishment, pride and relief after earning a college degree is something that future graduates strive for and past graduates can attest to. When you receive your diploma from Faulkner, you are giving yourself the gift of increased opportunity and satisfaction, and you are also marking a major milestone in the lives and livelihood of your whole family. The benefits of college completion are significant in both tangible and intangible ways.

Increased Financial Stability: It’s not just about the money, but having said that, it’s mostly about the money! Statistically speaking, college graduates yield a significantly higher average salary than adults without a degree by approximately $20,000-$25,000 more per year. Not only that, employment opportunities are greater in both number and scope, and benefits such as medical insurance and retirement accounts are more likely to be offered to employees working in jobs and fields that require a college education. Struggling to meet financial needs can impact your entire family, and at Faulkner know that your time is precious and it is also money. Completing college as an adult with responsibilities can be hard work, but it is an investment in your family’s future financial stability.

A Sense of Fulfillment: When you have a career that you are passionate about and also provides the means necessary to care for your family, the fulfillment you will feel will extend beyond personal satisfaction and will help you create a more content family life. Whether your degree opens doors into your field of choice, or you’re looking to advance in your current career path, college graduates report more job satisfaction and more often than not, a career they are passionate about. A family is only as happy as its least happy member, and the more fulfilled you are at work, the more present you will be able to be for your family.

Set A Positive Example: It is often said that parents send their children to college for one of two reasons, either because they went or because they didn’t. Showing that you place importance on completing your education by pursuing your own degree will help make your children and even other family members see the benefits of a college degree will not only be beneficial to him or her in the future, but to their family as well. Children of college graduates are almost three times more likely to attend college than children of non-graduates. The benefit of parental influence on educational pursuits cannot be understated.

The benefits of holding a college diploma do not end with these examples, either for you individually or your family. It is undoubtedly true that both advantage and disadvantage are cumulative concepts, and by obtaining your college degree, you are setting yourself and your family up for a lifetime of increased advantages. Better financial health, as well as physical and emotional health, is reported to be higher for college graduates than non-graduates. At Faulkner, we not only have your future in mind but the success and future of your family as well. Check out our adult and online offerings and join our family to benefit yours today.