Accessing College Textbooks without Breaking the Bank

Accessing College Textbooks without Breaking the Bank

When it comes time for the semester to begin, many students who are hesitant to shell out the up-front cost of a textbook are left frantically scrambling to purchase the books they need at the last minute. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get around the high prices of new textbooks, and we’ll tell you how.

Rent your textbooks.

Uninterested in owning your textbooks for good? Renting might be the right move for you. Textbook rentals are usually available through your university’s bookstore as well as various online locations for those who are especially strapped for cash. Simply return them to the source when the course has come to a close.

Take advantage of your university library.
If you don’t think you’ll need your textbook during each class session, your university’s library will likely come in handy. While the availability of textbooks may be limited (and some may not be in the library at all), using these books is cost-free for students, making it a widely popular opportunity for the exceptionally frugal.

Buy digitally.
Like many other industries, the textbook landscape is now well into its digital evolution. That means digital college textbooks are available far and wide – and typically at a lower cost than their physical alternatives. Many digital textbook providers even offer digital rentals, providing virtual access to the book for a limited time at a lower price than a full purchase.

Buy used at your university bookstore, and then sell your books back at the end of the year.
To accommodate the limited budgets of many students, most universities sell used editions of required college textbooks at a discounted price. Plus, most universities – Faulkner included – will buy back textbooks at the end of the semester to provide further savings.

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