Reasons to Choose Online Learning: Flexibility, Accessibility, and More

Reasons to Choose Online Learning: Flexibility, Accessibility, and More

University student with laptop and book interacts with online learning platform

Have you been thinking about changing careers, gaining certifications, or learning something new? If you were concerned that starting or returning to school would be too inconvenient or expensive, it might be time to reconsider.

At Faulkner University, students can apply to a diverse number of online degree programs. These programs offer students the ability to fit schoolwork into already-existing schedules and budgets. Discover how online learning at Faulkner University, based in Alabama, can help you advance your life goals.

Online Learning Helps Balance Work-Life Schedules

The flexible nature of online learning allows students to fit course requirements with their work and family schedules. Because there is no commute required to attend classes in person, there is a significant time savings. From the comfort of your home or workplace, you can join classmates in a lively learning process and interact with our experienced faculty members.

Using the same resources available to on-campus students, online students access the library, discussion boards, and other technologies to enhance their learning experience. In addition, there is financial aid for online students who qualify, including military students and dependents.

Faulkner University Offers Online Degree Programs at All Levels

Faulkner University offers online degree programs at every academic level. Students can choose from a wide variety of subjects and specializations with online associate degrees, online bachelor’s degrees, online master’s degrees, and online doctorate programs.

We have programs for students who are interested in obtaining a variety of undergraduate degrees, including the following fields:

  • Business
  • Computer and information science
  • Education
  • Fire science management
  • Psychology

Graduate programs include school counseling, justice administration, business administration, and health sciences. Faulkner University offers education based on Christian values, and online students will also find multiple options for degree programs in biblical studies and ministry.

Technology Boosts Accessibility of Academic Programs

Online degree programs are welcoming to a diversity of students and are inclusive of different learning styles. Whether you are a working adult carving out time for an online master’s degree program, or a first-time student earning an online associate degree, you will find online learning convenient and accessible.

Students living with disabilities can use technology to enhance visuals and sound. Additionally, there aren’t any barriers to mobility in terms of getting back and forth from campus or other challenges. There are remote learning benefits for every generation, and retirees who want to return to school on their own terms may find online degree programs fit the bill.

Options for Accelerated Study in Online Degree Programs

Another benefit of some online degree programs is the ability to accelerate the process and complete the program in a short period. Dedicated students can choose to devote more time in the short term when this option is available. When possible, it allows students to take advantage of the increased schedule flexibility and time savings afforded online students. This can be an excellent choice for employees who need a degree to advance at their workplace or to embark on a new career path.

Explore Online Degree Programs at Faulkner University

Are you looking for more learning and new possibilities in your life? Faulkner University, based in Alabama, offers online degree programs that can help you achieve your goals and expand your horizons. Consult with our admissions staff about our online degree programs. They can help you choose an appropriate program and answer any questions about the admissions process. Request information today.