Faulkner to Move to Four-Day Class Schedule in Fall 2024

Faulkner to Move to Four-Day Class Schedule in Fall 2024

John Gordon speaking to students

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Faulkner University leadership announced on February 5, 2024, an important and positive change in the university’s academic calendar. Beginning in the Fall 2024 semester, Faulkner will transition to a four-day class schedule.

This decision, reached through careful consideration and extensive consultation with students, faculty, and staff, marks a significant step forward in enhancing Faulkner’s educational experience and campus life.

“Last Wednesday, the university’s cabinet voted unanimously to change the university’s schedule in the fall of 2024 to where traditional students will only have Monday-Wednesday classes and Tuesday-Thursday classes,” said Dr. Dave Rampersad, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “We believe this change to a four-day class schedule will usher in a new era of academic excellence and community involvement at Faulkner University.”

The announcement, made following the university’s Monday chapel, was met with an overwhelming positive response from both students and faculty.

Darrien Rogan, a freshman student at Faulkner plans to use his free day on Friday to help him catch up on his studies.

“I’m very excited about the change,” Rogan said. “I am taking a lot of classes each semester so this extra day will give me more time to study and get ready for tests and finish up assignments from the week.”

Ken Turrentine is a double major at Faulkner who was very happy to hear the new schedule announced.

“I not only am a double major, but I’m very involved in student life and student activities on campus so it will be nice to have an extra day to catch my breath,” he said.

Students like William Howard are looking forward to seeing the possibilities of how the university will use Friday for larger campus-wide activities to bring the student body closer together as a community.

Overall, the move to a four-day schedule brings with it, numerous benefits:

Enhanced Academic Rigor: The new schedule is designed to increase academic rigor. By extending class times, students will engage more deeply with course material, fostering a richer learning environment.

Dedicated Lab Times: The new four-day schedule opens up Fridays as a dedicated day for extensive laboratory work. This allows for uninterrupted, in-depth lab sessions, fostering a hands-on learning environment where students can fully immerse themselves in their practical studies.

Enhanced Athletic Scheduling: With Fridays now free from regular classes, our athletic teams will utilize this day for travel to competitions and events. This schedule greatly reduces the instances of athletes missing classes for sports commitments, thereby supporting their academic pursuits while they excel in their athletic endeavors.

Increased Flexibility: Fridays will be free from traditional classes, offering time for students to pursue academic enrichment activities, internships, and research projects.

Improved Work-Life Balance: This schedule supports a better balance of academic responsibilities and personal well-being for students.

Enhanced Campus Engagement: Fridays can now be designated for new opportunities for faculty-led workshops, community service projects, and professional development sessions, contributing to a vibrant campus atmosphere.

Greater Appeal for Prospective Students: Our distinctive four-day model is anticipated to attract a wider range of applicants, further enriching our university community.

Faulkner is committed to ensuring that this transition is smooth and beneficial for all. Departments and faculties will be working closely to adapt and optimize their course offerings and services to align with the new schedule.

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