4 Essential Tips for Managing Your Schedule as an Online Student

4 Essential Tips for Managing Your Schedule as an Online Student

As a working adult, enrolling in an online academic degree program can bring about feelings of excitement and nervousness in equal parts. After all, you’re already dedicating a significant portion of your life to work, family and other pursuits, and it may seem challenging to free up additional time for your education. That’s why we’ve compiled four must-see schedule management tips to help make your online education a success.

  1. Plan, plan, plan.
    For students of all ages, strategic time management is key to academic success. That’s where an online class schedule planner comes into play. The actual location of your planner may vary; some prefer to scrawl their schedule into a traditional paper planner, while others lean toward the convenience of smartphone planner applications. But no matter your medium of choice, make sure you have a place where you can set predetermined times for accomplishing schoolwork and other essential errands. Plus, try to plan ahead and keep a bit of free space open each day, so you have wiggle room should something unexpected arise.
  2. Identify priorities.
    Building onto the necessity of strategic planning, always make sure you’re aware of which schoolwork and real-life issues take priority over the remainder of your tasks. Understanding the importance of each assignment can make it that much easier to build a schedule that integrates school, family and work seamlessly.
  3. Make the most of your free time.
    When you’re already strapped for time, those minutes left free become even more important when you work online education into the mix. To knock out your schoolwork as efficiently as possible, make sure to use what free time you do have to your advantage. That may mean completing an essay on your lunch break or studying for an upcoming exam on a commute via public transit.
  4. Incorporate your family into your studies.
    Struggling to spend time with your loved ones without sacrificing valuable hours that could be put toward schoolwork? You may be able to accomplish both activities at once. Consider a family study session where you and the kids complete homework together, or bring your children and spouse to the library, so they can read and discover new books while you finish assignments.

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