What to Expect from an Online Counseling Degree

What to Expect from an Online Counseling Degree

An online counseling degree from Faulkner University is the stepping stone for a successful, rewarding career in counseling. The skills you learn and the experiences you gain will help guide you as you pursue work in the education, healthcare or social work industry. Here’s just a glimpse of what students can expect to learn during the online counseling degree program.

Counseling with Christian Values

The online counseling degree is rooted in Christian heritage. While learning, students will gain a broader perspective of Christian ethics, culture and worldview in the context of counseling. They’ll gain insights into concepts such as marriage and family dynamics and how the Bible can help them ease the burden of their students or clients.

Working with Diverse Populations

While taking the courses, students will learn how to serve diverse populations. From issues of social justice to identity development, the material will prepare you to examine culture and apply it to students’ own experiences and backgrounds. Counselors today need multicultural education in order to best serve their population, especially in school and healthcare settings, and Faulkner University prepares you to just do that.

Comprehensive Knowledge

From learning the fundamentals of psychology to understanding mental health issues, substance abuse, family dynamics, legal and ethical issues and more, counselors are trained in a variety of important topics. They’ll also learn how to strategize, evaluate, analyze and use tools to help people work through difficult situations. After completing the coursework, students will feel confident and completely prepared to enter the workforce.

Take the First Step Toward a Career in Counseling

Excited to start helping people? Start – and finish – your journey to becoming a counselor right here at Faulkner University. An online counseling degree provides the flexibility and knowledge you need to make a difference in the world. Apply for the online Master of Science in Counseling program today.