What Can Christian Counseling Graduates Do?

What Can Christian Counseling Graduates Do?

Among the many online degree programs available through Faulkner University is the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Family Ministry (MACC). If you have a strong desire to help individuals establish healthy interpersonal relationships and build strong marriages and families which honor God’s design for marriage and family life, then Christian counseling may be precisely the career for you. Christian counselors believe God created us as relationship beings and called us into relationship with one another to establish relationships cast in holiness and righteousness. If you’re not seeking professional licensure, but instead would like to work in church and ministerial settings to apply God’s instruction to marriage and family life, then the MACC program was designed for you. But what exactly is Christian counseling? Keep reading to learn about this specialized field of counseling, as well as what you can do with a Christian counseling degree.

What Is Christian Counseling?

Though Christian counselors are usually well versed in the secular areas of counseling, they are uniquely prepared to supplement their work with biblical teachings regarding how faith informs interpersonal relationships, marriage and family life. Christian counselors address many of the same issues as those addressed by secular counselors, ranging from marriage difficulties, the challenges of parenting, family crises, addictions, etc., albeit with an approach that strongly relies upon biblical instruction.

What Can You Do With A Christian Counseling Degree?

The interdisciplinary program of studies of Faulkner’s Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Family Ministry (MACC) can pave the way for a wide range of career opportunities. Our program offers a blend of coursework in counseling and family ministry designed to prepare students to provide family life education as well as counseling intervention strategies to promote healthy Christ-centered relationships and life-styles. Not only are you prepared to provide marriage enrichment, parent education and similar programs, but you will also be equipped to address situations concerning difficult teens, substance abuse, depression and suicide intervention, and more. Career specialties for Christian counseling graduates can include mental health, drug and alcohol misuse, personal development, parental guidance and marriage/relationship counseling. Many Christian counseling graduates, especially those interested in research, even go on to pursue a doctorate degree.

Faulkner University’s Online Christian Counseling Program

Lead a rich, faith-focused life with the help of an online Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Family Ministry degree from Faulkner University. To learn more about the curriculum or Faulkner University’s other online degree programs, feel free to contact us today, or get started by applying online.