Resolving Common Problems with Online Learning

Resolving Common Problems with Online Learning

Attending an online degree program gives students a more convenient schedule, which can be helpful for people who have work or family responsibilities. Although online education does necessitate attention to scheduling and requirements, this is a viable option for many learners. The faculty and staff at Faulkner University strive to prepare students for potential problems with this method of learning so they will know how to succeed. Here are some common issues new students face.

Unfamiliar Setting

Some students struggle with the nontraditional style of learning with an online degree program, having to get used to not having face-to-face contact with an instructor and peers. But in some ways, it can be easier to get in contact with professors remotely through email, instead of attending office hours. You also have access to lecture notes or videos of the lecture that you can refer back to when studying, making note taking easier.

Technical Difficulties

Using a computer or mobile device to access online education class materials, engage in study groups, and listen to lectures is convenient, but it also requires technical expertise. Learners must be able to navigate their own computer systems and use the software and hardware required for a course. If technical issues occur such as lapses in Internet connectivity or a system that doesn’t meet basic requirements for a course, a student will need to fix the problem and catch up on any information missed.

Keeping Motivated

Maintaining a regular schedule for viewing classes and completing online education assignments can be difficult for some students. Continued motivation will be important to ensure that learners stay current with classes and finish all assignments before the end of the course. Keeping yourself accountable, setting aside dedicated study times, and informing your family members or roommates of your schedule can help eliminate procrastination.

Although challenges are present with completing an online education at Faulkner University, knowing common issues is an effective way to prepare.