MBA or Master’s in Management? Deciding Which Is Right for You

MBA or Master’s in Management? Deciding Which Is Right for You

Obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) has long been the traditional route for postgraduates looking to further their careers. In recent years, though, a master’s degree in management has also become a worthwhile option for college students who want a leg up on the competition. The two programs have many similarities and differences, and when making decisions that impact the rest of your career, you need to make a fully educated and informed choice about which is right for you. Here, Faulkner University outlines the key similarities and differences between an MBA and a Master of Science in Management.

What Is an M.S. in Management?

Master’s degrees in management programs are usually aimed toward current college students who want to get off to a fast start in their careers. A Master of Science in Management is especially useful for recent grads who have a degree in a field other than business. By completing the program, students increase their employability by combining a general management degree with their non-business area of expertise. This can greatly improve the job hunting experience for those with little work experience.

In this type of degree program, you will gain a sound understanding of business operations and be prepared to start your career as a key contributor on your way to a managerial position. Master’s in management programs are usually less expensive than MBA programs and can typically be completed in one year.

Going the Traditional Route: Exploring the MBA

MBA programs typically require work experience for admittance and are sought out by current executives looking to further their careers and postgraduate education. After earning an MBA, most employers expect recent graduates to be ready to start in a managerial role from Day 1.

Having an MBA on your list of credentials will certainly impress your employer, but it is important to consider all factors when choosing an MBA over a master’s in management. An MBA typically takes a full two years to complete. To make this degree easier for our students to obtain, our award-winning online MBA program can be completed in as little as one year.

Continue Your Education at Faulkner University

The MBA and the Master of Science in Management are two different degrees for students in different stages of their careers. While both programs cover a wide range of business topics and applications, the key difference between the two is that MBA programs are designed for current executives who have already graduated from college and have work experience. Meanwhile, master’s in management programs are designed to help new college grads get their career started on the right foot.

No matter which postgraduate educational program you pursue,  you can receive a high-quality, Christian-based education at Faulkner University. With campuses in Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, and online, we offer almost unlimited access and opportunities for you to succeed. If you are interested in learning more about the differences between an MBA and a master’s in management or pursuing your education at Faulkner University, request more information today.