Legal Studies Graduate Seeking To Serve

Legal Studies Graduate Seeking To Serve

Emma Revels looks to serve in the legal profession after graduation from law school.
Emma Revels

Emma Revels is a Faulkner graduate who earned her degree in Legal Studies and was working as a receptionist at a law firm in Montgomery. She is now enrolled at Faulkner Law on a full scholarship with the intent to minister to and serve others as a lawyer.

“Faulkner’s emphasis on incorporating our beliefs into each aspect of our lives has helped me realize that any career can become a vocational ministry. My professors were, by far, the most impactful aspect of my college experience in this regard,” Revels said. “Their integrity, compassion, and generosity to me throughout my time at Faulkner tangibly demonstrated what it means to be an example of Christ within one’s profession. I believe that being willing to listen to others and help them, even when it’s inconvenient, is a powerful way to minister through one’s career, and I hope to improve on that in the future.”

Revels is one of many Faulkner graduates from the College of Arts and Sciences’ Criminal Justice and Legal Studies department who are now serving as vocational ministers in their professions. 

For Revels, Faulkner’s Legal Studies program was practical in teaching students how to prepare legal documents and conduct research. The skills she learned from the program are designed to be easily transferable to the workplace, a wonderful asset for students planning to become paralegals or attorneys.

She is most interested in estate planning and contracts. After graduation from law school, Revels hopes to emulate servanthood as she pursues her own legal career.

“The most impactful ways I have seen others minister through their work has overwhelmingly involved taking time for others and prioritizing their well-being, even if it costs time or money. In my opinion, being willing to listen or help others, even when it’s inconvenient, is a powerful way to minister through one’s career, and I hope to improve in that area in the future,” Revels said.