Faulkner’s Counseling Psychology degree ranks top in Alabama

Faulkner’s Counseling Psychology degree ranks top in Alabama

Faulkner University’s Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology was ranked the top in the state by Bachelor’s Degree Center.

Faulkner’s program ranked 8th overall in the 15 Best Online Bachelor’s in Counseling for 2021 ranking, which ranked accredited institutions according to alumni salary, cost, and student reviews.

Faulkner University’s BA in Counseling Psychology offers students courses in ethics, behavioral sciences, communication, and sociology and is one of seven different psychology programs offered.

The psychology (PY) programs are designed to prepare students for graduate school, as well as for dynamic careers at the undergraduate level for students who choose not to pursue graduate work or licensure.  Most are available to be taken in a fully online format as well as in a traditional daytime format.

The psychology program integrates research-based theories, skills and methods for counseling and psychology with the Christian worldview. This model of integration and application helps students understand the interconnections between academic, career, family, social and spiritual life.  All of our degrees help students understand the physical, emotional, social, and personal influences on thought and behavior. Our program also seeks to help people know more about themselves. Because we can’t really understand others until we understand ourselves.  Students have opportunities to study animal behavior as well as human behavior, with access to our live-animal lab for research and learning.

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