How to Choose Your Psychology Field

How to Choose Your Psychology Field

Psychology has long been one of the most sought-after undergraduate degrees, and this remains true even now – according to Niche, it’s the seventh most popular major in the nation. But choosing a career in psychology isn’t always simple. Faulkner University offers seven degrees with five available fully online, and each features distinct benefits. Read on to learn more about each track.

General/Clinical Psychology

Interested in keeping your options open? A degree in general/clinical psychology will position you well for a career at a hospital, lab or clinic, but it’s also an excellent building block for students hoping to take their education to an even higher level.

Counseling Psychology

Counseling psych blends exploration of the human mind, essential counseling skills, and the Christian desire to lend a helping hand. Students who pursue counseling psychology may find themselves in a number of general psychology occupations, such as community action specialists, human resources assistants, counseling services assistants and residential care specialists, or they may choose to prepare for graduate work in counseling or marriage and family therapy.

Forensic Psychology

This program pairs psychology fundamentals with in-depth criminal justice education. Beyond mastering the basics of psychology, students will discover interrogation techniques, delve into the roots of criminal behavior and much more. If you’ve ever dreamed of working with law enforcement, this may be the path for you – although that’s only one of many options available to forensic psychology graduates.

Health and Rehabilitation Psychology

The ability to help others is a benefit of any psychology degree, but this is especially true for students who choose to study health and rehabilitation psychology or health and rehabilitation psychology with pre-occupational therapy preparation (not offered online). These degrees offer you an opportunity to work not only in traditional hospitals and clinics, but in rehabilitation facilities as well, where you can put your expertise to work to bolster the residents’ quality of life.

Sports Psychology

The list of potential positions available to sports psych graduates is long and varied, including everything from athletic trainer to lifestyle coach to sports and activities director for individuals with disabilities or behavioral issues. This area of psychology is a clear choice for passionate athletes, but it’s equally excellent for students who’d like to use their education to rehabilitate and motivate others.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Ideal for the business-minded student, the study of industrial/organizational psychology (not offered online) provides insight on human systems, including businesses and other organizations. This fascinating field is the right choice for those interested in marketing, sales or human behavior and can lead to careers ranging from public relations to career counseling.

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