Faulkner University helps shape Andrew Kingsley as college minister

Faulkner University helps shape Andrew Kingsley as college minister

Andrew Kingsley, second from the right, spoke with several other graduates during Faulkner University's Marketplace Faith Forums. Faulkner University graduate, Andrew Kingsley, returned to campus to speak to Bible majors on the ways Faulkner shaped and molded him into the college minister he is today. He was one of several graduates to speak during the university’s Marketplace Faith Forums.

Andrew graduated from Faulkner University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Languages in 2012 and a Master’s in New Testament studies in 2017. He is currently working at the University Church of Christ as the campus minister.

While studying at Faulkner’s V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies, his faith was strengthened in significant ways, he said.

“First and foremost, the professors in the Bible department taught me how to develop healthier study habits for interpreting Scripture,” Andrew said.

“The teachings that I was blessed to receive from those men shapes the way that I approach my job every day.

“A degree from Faulkner in Biblical studies can help to make a student of the Bible competent for all aspects of ministry, not just the teaching aspect. It is amazing just how much the Scriptures can frame all aspects of life, whether professional or personal.”

Andrew is married to his wife Kana and they have a daughter Kindle. He enjoys outdoor activities, sports, reading and music.