Faulkner offering full-tuition scholarships to traditional undergraduate Bible majors

Faulkner offering full-tuition scholarships to traditional undergraduate Bible majors

Student walk outside Faulkner's VP Black College of Biblical Studies building. Faulkner just announced it will offer tradition undergraduate Bible majors full tuition.
Students walk outside VP Black College of Biblical Studies.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – In honor of Faulkner alumnus and Lads to Leaders founder, Dr. Jack ZornFaulkner University has announced it will be awarding full tuition scholarships to traditional undergraduate Bible majors beginning with those enrolling in the fall 2022 semester. This scholarship will be known as the Jack Zorn Scholarship, and students who receive this scholarship will be known as Zorn Scholars.

Dr. Zorn died August 12, 2021 at the age of 86. He was a preacher and the founder of Lads to Leaders, a youth leadership training program in the Churches of Christ. He was a member of Faulkner University’s board of trustees and was named Faulkner University’s Alumnus of the Year for 2021.

”The Zorn scholarship is an exciting opportunity to make ministerial education more cost effective and less of a financial burden on students,” said Dr. Todd Brenneman, Dean of the V.P. Black College of Biblical Studies and the Kearley Graduate School of Theology. “Our hope is that this endeavor will encourage more students to consider pursuing education in the Bible and will help parents see the value of Christian education.  Honoring Dr. Zorn this way highlights how we share the same vision as he had of raising up the next generation of godly leaders.”

Students who apply for the full- tuition Jack Zorn Scholarship will be required to live on campus, participate in ministry events throughout the year, and will still be responsible for room and board and other fees. Students must also submit a letter of recommendation from the elders or leaders from the church where they attend.

This scholarship is available for a maximum of five years. Those who are current Bible majors returning in fall 2022, who meet the requirements, will also be eligible for the scholarship.

Tuition for study abroad is included in the scholarship as well.

Scholarship recipients must take a minimum of two Bible courses per semester. Classes are limited to those required as part of the degree plan for Biblical Studies or Youth and Family Ministry degrees.

Space is limited, so those wishing to take advantage of the scholarship should apply early.

Faulkner University plans to accommodate as many students as possible for this program. At times, though, the University may have to limit the number of students in the program due to classroom and housing availability.  Acceptance for admission to Faulkner University does not constitute automatic approval for the full tuition scholarship. Students will be considered for acceptance into the Zorn Scholarship program as soon as possible after admission to Faulkner University. Applicants should contact their admissions counselor for questions or details.

For more information, contact or (334) 386-7200.